History of the FrancoGene Web site (part 1)

My beginnings in the Net

Genealogy is a point of view about history, and when you talk about a Web site, then you think to the history of that Web site!  So, in some pages, the history of the FrancoGene site!

At a glance:

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1991 I begun to communicate thru computers since about 1991, when I subscribed to Compuserve en 1991-1993.  Purchased by AOL since that time, it was one of the large private networks at that time.  The only resource for the genealogist was the Genealogy forum.

Later, I learned about BBS (Bulletin Board Systems).  In short, you call a computer member of the network, and at night, this computer exchanges messages with other computers and after some time, messages can be read from all the computers of the conference.  The largest genealogy conference was that of Fido and there was a Canadian section.  Besides, there was the FrancoMedia network (later, the ISP francomedia.com) with its FM-Genealogie conference.  When the animator moved too far from the net, I replaced him, in about 1992.  At the same time, I opened my own BBS, Racines du Québec, which was never connected to any network (too complicated).  RDQ lived its life and when I closed it, Ken Quinn invited me to become the co-sysop of his own BBS, Quebec Genealogy On Line.

At this pioneer time, the ancestor of the Web site was probably a BBS with its public files.  I had some on Racines du Québec and some of these files can be conbsidered as the prototype of the FrancoGene Web site.

December 1991 Then, I was connected to Internet.  I have no specific date.  From memory, it was one day before Valery Fabrikant became very known for his shooting at Concordia University (Montreal).  But, while looking for the exact date, I found that this happened on the Monday, August 24th, 1992 while I have a copy of a message I sent to the net in March 1992.  My older message archived with the ROOTS-L list (gatewayed with soc.roots newsgroup, the only genealogy newsgroup at that time) is dated June 5th, 1992 and the older message from soc.roots in my computer is dated December 18th, 1991.  My names was added to RSL (Roots Surname List) on the April 5th, 1992.

Signature (June 1992)
    Denis Beauregard       _ _ _ _  Collecting Beauregard/Jarret/Jarest/Vincent
beaurega@ireq.hydro.qc.ca | * | * | Promoting use of QC as Quebec Postal Abbrev
  Andre Jarret, sieur de  |===|===| Mes opinions?  Oui, oui, les miennes!
   Beauregard 1642-1992   |_*_|_*_| My opinions?  Yes, yes, mine!