History of the FrancoGene Web site (part 3)

Dawn of a new Web Site

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1992 The first genealogy site in French would be a site about St-Pierre-et-Miquelon in 1994.  In May 1995, FrancoGene was the second site to appear and the first having as topics Quebec or France.  Since the St-Pierre-et-Miquelon has no more genealogy page, FrancoGene remains the older genealogy web site in French.

Nonetheless, it was on the January 6th, 1992, that appeared in the Internet the seed of the futur site.  Indeed, it is the creation date given to the file GENEALOG.VICAN-QU made available on the North Dakota University ftp server for genealogy.

January 1995 For the job, I made a speach about Internet and what can be done with it.  Among other topics, I talked about Gopher, a Web with only text helping to find data.  There was also the WWW (World Wide Web), but I said that system using images had no future.  What a fool I was :-).
July 1995 It was at about that time I decided to rewrite the VICAN-QU file and to describe with more details how to do genealogy in Quebec.  The 12 original Genealogy Web Pages of Denis Beauregard were born.

This first set of pages all in French were located on a server of Université de Montréal, in a site lent by a Mr. Leduc.  The addresse announced the July 20th, 1995 was: http://www.UMontreal.CA:80/~leduc/gen/index.html then http://www.umontreal.ca/~leduc/gen/.

In that same months (July 22nd), I proposed to listers to register their name in the experts list.

August 1995 Hosting with an intermediate netter is not the more efficient mean to manage a site.  So, when I learned I could have a site directly on the IREQ server, I jumped on this opportunity and mode of it the 2nd home of the site.  The August 9th, I was proud to announce my new "permanent" site, that is http://www.ireq.ca/personnel/beaurega/geneal/index.html.

The August 24th, there were 3 new pages about the genealogy in France, with the help of Pascal Pinan-Lucarre (in year 2000, head of Francegenweb).  At the same time, the Acadian page was added to the site.

My first attempt to count visitors shown that notoriousness may happen faster than expected.  Indeed, to improve the home page, I decided to install a counter.  The next day, it indicated 50 visitors, figure too high in my opinion and I was sure something was broken.  But then, this figure was confirmed by the log file of the site.

September 1995 One common pitfail in Quebec search is about the dit names.  A page was added to explain them at that time.