History of the FrancoGene Web site (part 4)

A pioneer on a pioneer site

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October 1995 That new site was not permanent for a long time because, on the october 6th, in the middle of a referendum campaign in Quebec, someone complained my site could harm professional genealogists.  So, I had to close the 47 pages of the site.

My signature, October 8th:
Ce message represente uniquement l'opinion de son auteur et
n'engage en aucune facon son employeur.
Denis Beauregard Internet: beaurega@ireq.hydro.qc.ca
Genealogie quebecoise? http://www.ireq.ca/personnel/beaurega/geneal/index.html

After studying the long list of possibilities, the October 12th, I opened my first personal Internet account at CAM.ORG, pioneer of the Internet in Montreal.  This was the beginning of 4 years of stability for the site http://www.cam.org/~beaur/gen.

The October 15th, I decided to add some political pages, that is the genealogy of some political personnalities of Quebec.

November 1995 The November 20th, a reader talked about an article about the site published in TV Hedbo (November 18th to 24th), a Quebec TV schedule.

The November 30th, I begun a new work I thought to be short and easy, that is to find mistakes about the Dictionnaire généalogique des familles du Québec.  The Complement to Jetté was born.  He will be the GDO later.

Earlier in the month, I installed a filter to reduce email which begun to be too large to be handled.

December 1995 At about that time, the Belgian Hubert Barnich sent me data for a new page about Belgium.  Since that, Hubert took back the page on the Wallonia site.

In the meanwhile, I tried to restart the project Racines du Québec with a marriage database.  It helped to increase the visits but participation was still too small.

January 1996 Statistics of the month indicated 31,000 hits, including 7,200 for the 2 home pages (French and English).  This would mean 232 visits daily.
February 1996 The February, 4th, a new set of pages about Beauregard families.
May 1996 At this time, I reached 40 years old.  To celebrate that, I decided to organize two events.  First of all, a page for my cousins.  From a list of my 11 ancestors with the more descendants, visitors were invited to tell me from which one they descended.  My archives of May 9th, indicates 55 cousins participated !

The other event is still in activity.  Indeed, it was a first IRC meeting that occured the May 15th, at 6 PM, Montreal time (midnight in Paris).  A few persons shown up and other meetings happened, and after a short break, there are now weekly meetings, alternating Fryday and Saturday, at 9 PM in Paris or 3 PM in Montreal.

As the cherry on the Sundae, what else than the notoriousness !  Indeed, it is in May that the Parisian daily Le Monde published a first report about Internet and the genealogy, and there was one column titled "Beauregard l'Incontournable" (Beauregard, the one you can't miss).

July 1996 Monthly statistics indicate 34 548 hits.  With an average of 4 pages viewed by each visitor, this means 277 daily visits.
January 1997 Monthly statistics indicate 69 603 hits.  With an average of 4 pages viewed by each visitor, this means 561 daily visits.

C'est le 15 de ce mois que paru la version 2 du Fichier Origine, la première à être diffusée dans Internet.

June 1997 Monthly statistics indicate 50 500 hits.  With an average of 4 pages viewed by each visitor, this means 420 daily visits.
  With the time, the site is a common reference and in 1999, a search Engine like Altavista shown over 1,000 links toward the FrancoGene site.