History of the FrancoGene Web site (part 5)

The "genealogie" Domain

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April 1997 The 9th of that month, I purchased the domain genealogie.com. 

For comparison, here are the creation date of other similar domain names:
February 5th, 1999 (purchased from a speculator ?) genealogy.com Commercial site
May 23th, 1995 genealogy.org Rootsweb.com
July 18th, 1995 genealogy.net German Server
April 10th, 1997 genealogie.org SGEQ, Rimouski, Quebec
January 9th, 1998 genealogies.com Not on the air, speculator ?
March 20th, 1998 genealogie.net German Server
March 20th, 1998 genealogiste.com Speculator
1999 genealogie.to Pascal Pinan-Lucarre for FranceGenweb
September 10th, 1999 lagenealogie.com Editions Christian, France
2000 genealogie.fr Infoduc.com

Curious about the other domains with either "genealogy" or "genealogie" name as the main part ?  Click on those names: "genealogy" or "genealogie".

June 27th, 1998 More than one year after the purchase, I begun to use the genealogie.com domain name for email.  Two years later, I was still receiving mail at the old email, mostly SPAM.

My signature at that time:
     0     Denis Beauregard
    /\/    Le genealogiste en action
   |\      http://www.cam.org/~beaur/gen/index.html
  /  |     Looking for origins of your Quebec ancestors ?
 oo  oo    http://www.cam.org/~beaur/dgo/welcome.html

January 2nd, 1999 I rented my first Web server for 3 monthes.  Soon after that, http://genealogie.com was on the air.  This doesn't mean the site was completely under the domain.  The transfer was done slowly.  For the next 9 monthes, the site was shared between my CAM.ORG account and the new server.  It was a bad idea I must say.  Indeed, if I had changed my email sooner, there would be much less site to advise about the new address.
  The site continued to grow day after day without giant steps.  On a long run, the number of visitors continued to grow slowly.
March 1999 In March 1999, the server I was using decided to forbid use of C++ softwares for security reasons.  I moved soon to a new site.
  From April to August, the weekly hits increased from 12 to 20,000, including about 40% for images).  The home pages were read about 500 times/week.
September 12th,1999 My worse Internet day.  Nearly all Web sites of the CAM.ORG ISP were emptied by a pirate.  In the next days, I moved to genealogie.com all pages not already there.  From that time, the old site had only pointers to the new site.
  From September, readership increased faster.  It jumped from 40,000 hits and 1,000 home pages read pages in October to over 50,000 and 1,700 in January 2000.