History of the FrancoGene Web site (part 6)

Making it a commerce

Genealogy is a point of view about history, and when you talk about a Web site, then you think to the history of that Web site!  So, in some pages, the history of the FrancoGene site!

At a glance:

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February 20th, 2000 The site is split in 2 parts.  www.genealogie.com will now contain the French version and www.francogene.com the English version.  The transfer of visitors is not done immediately.  Actually, on the old site, English-speaking visitors were sent to the French page. 
  From March to June, there are about 6,000 hits/week and the home page reading lost visits from 800 to 600.  It is only in June that the pointers are better set up from the old cam.org site which is still very popular.  In July, finally, by directing visitors to a page of francogene.com better adapted to a bilingual site, the number of hits jumps from 8,000 to 18,000 in one week.  Checking the logs is very useful !  Ditto for the home pages, where the jump is from 1,000 to 1,700.  If the number of hits at genealogie.com islower because of the redirection toward francogene.com, the next week is a record with 90,000 hits.
May 2000 Two new sites are opened for the Drouin Institute:  They are commercial sites. 

In a first step, the catalogue for institutions was presented, for libraries and genealogy societies. 

The second step includes a bookstore for new books, to offer books, microfilms and even CD-ROMs.  At the same time a list of microfilms is added to show which microfilms are available in Quebec.