Privacy Policy

This Web site has a log file of visitors.  This file (August 2000) contains the following data: IP address (your access to the Net), date and hour of visit, visited page, error code if relevant, and size of the page.  This data is kept for statistical purposes and to improve the site for example by detecting missing links and area visitors appreciate.  This data may eventually be used by Production FrancoGene for other projects, but will not be sold to any third party.  It can also be used for promotion (i.e. number of visitors by country).  Other data like the page previously visited can be eventually used to improve the site or the number of visitors.

For some projects like the links list, you can provide your email or snail mail address.  Your postale address will be displayed only if you don't give a Web address and your intention is clear you want to display it (for example, to sell a family genealogy).  Your email will be displayed as a reference email for your site, except if you ask not to be listed.  Web sites URL and addresses published by other sites or media are considered as publicly available and thus can be published again on this site.  This concerns particularly societies and public buildings.  If you want your email or postal address to be removed from that site, you must contact the webmaster.  You must indicate which page(s) have to be modified.

If a marriage index or a search tool with off-site date is installed, no specific policy is currently set, but it will be based on these points:

This site has advertisement banners.  You must check the sites for those banners to know their privacy policy.

The FrancoGene has no responsability concerning the content of external sites linked from this site.  If you find a link that you believe it should deleted, you must then contact the webmaster.  Keep in mind that someone may open a genealogy site and replace the ocntent of that site by something else not related.  In that case, it is best to cut the link, but this is possible only if we are advised.

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