Page about descendants of Benoni Beauregard

Origin of the name

Beauregard = Beau + regard, litterally Beautiful look.

There are about 150 places called Beauregard in France. The Beauregard name is usually given by the local geography. It designates a promontory allowing to have a beautiful look over the surroundings. It is thus not surprising to find many Beauregard Castles, for example, and many gave their name to wines.

The descendants of Bénoni Beauregard

Bénoni is born from unknown parents in 1795. When he married Claire Nadeau in 1814, and when baptising his first children, he held no family name. Then, for the next six, he choosed Bonneman, name of his mentor. Finally, for reasons still unkown, in 1835, he selected Beauregard.

I found 206 descendants of this family, including André Beauregard.

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