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Roots in France
Origin of Family Name
Coming to New-France
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Roots in France

André Jarret is born at the " Rual de Chapeaucornu ", a street located near castle of Chapeaucornu, near Vignieu (Isère, France). He was baptized August 9th, 1642. This is his line:
2.  Jean JACQUEMIN DIT JARRET, probably born about 1600 Rual, married before 1623 Claude PICOUD, married again 1632-1642 Perrette SERMETTE, died 1646-1675 France 
3.  Perrette SERMETTE OU SELMET, born about 1615 France, buried 02-11-1675 Vignieu 
4.  Michel JACQUEMIN DIT JARRET, probably died before 1605 
8.  Benoît JACQUEMIN DIT JARRET, mentionned in a document 1585, 1591 
16.  Eynard, Aynard or Heynard JARRET, mentionned in a document 1516 et 1529, died before 1570 
32.  Jacquemin JARRET, born about 1480, mentionned in a document 1506, 1509, 1515 and 1516, died before 1525 
64.  Pierre HUGON DIT JARRET, mentionned in a document 1506, died 1506-1508, probably son of Barthélémy 
65.  Philippa INCONNUE 
128.  Barthélémy HUGON DIT JARRET, mentionned in a document 1471 (land purchase) et 1478 (land purchased from Seigneur of Chapeau-Cornu), these lands being located at or near Rual 

Village of Vignieu, near St-Chef (Isère, France), was under control of the Lord of Chapeau Cornu who has his castle a few miles west of the village. Close at east of the caster is a road, called Rual de Chapeau Cornu (litterally Street of Chapeau Cornu), forming a hamlet from where came the ancestor, André Jarret. His family, living on the Rual since at least 1471, had many lands including a wood I located on a hill, which I estimate to be at North-West of the castle. This Beauregard wood, located near Champ Andrevet, appears as belonging to the family about 1556, but it is likely that the name was used before, and that it is the Jarret family who give it this name. As there are other places called Beauregard in the area, it is possible this other name was re-used, but this is still a guess.

When André decided to reach his half-brother, François Jarret, in New-France, he decided to keep the name of Beauregard which seems to become about 1630 the name of a small land (fief) owned by the father of André (the land is mentionned, but without a name in the original document). The same name was later given to the land of Beauregard Islands, located near land of Verchères, owned by François. There is today a Beauregard island facing Verchères.

Following a tradition of his time, André became " André Jarret, sieur de Beauregard ". In some documents, his name is written as "Beauregard" and he is thus the first of my line to use the name of Beauregard, his ancesters being always Jarret. His children changed the name which became Jarret dit Beauregard, then, in my case, Beauregard.

Language notes:

Fief (like the land Beauregard in France and the Beauregard Island): a land owned of smaller importance compared to a seigneurie. A fief is "owned", i.e. not rented. Having a fief can be considered has a first step in direction of nobility. A fief is owned by a "sieur".

Seigneurie (like the land of Verchères): a land more important than a fief, owned by a Seigneur who is often (but not in the case of François Jarret de Verchères) of noble extract.

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Origin of the Family Name

Origin of name Jarret: probably from a part of France called Jarret or Jarez and located around St-Étienne (Loire), this area taking its name maybe from River Giers which traverses it

Origin of name Beauregard: a land belonging to the family since 1471 has this name since at least 1556

Coming to New-France

André Jarret seems to be coming to New-France in 1675 or a short time before. There is no trace of his arrival before this date. There is no reason to presume he was a soldier of the Regiment de Carignan as it is written since near a century. Actually, his presence in the Regiment is an unproven claim with no base (there is no unknown Beauregard or Jarret in the Regiment, no trace of a military career among documents I found about André and mainly, since André left no writting except a cross he draw in a document, it is not possible that he was a lieutenant, as claimed without proof.


About 90 or 95% of Beauregard living in Québec descend from André Jarret, sieur de Beauregard. I linked over 16,000 descendants to André, near all being Beauregard, but a few are Jarret, Jarest or Vincent.

André had four sons: François, Louis, Joseph and Vincent, and a daughter, Anne-Marie, married with Joseph Tétro dit Ducharme.

  1. Joseph, who married Jeanne Joachim, then Charlotte Pinault, has the more numerous descendance (12478 linked descendants, nearly all Beauregard, but a line kept Jarret). He is my ancestor.
  2. Vincent, who married Catherine Pinard, is second, but far behind Joseph, with 1657 linked descendants. Most are Vincent, but a branch uses Beauregard and another kept Jarest.
  3. François, who married Madeleine Pépin, is close with 1275 descendants. All are Beauregard.
  4. Louis, who married Marguerite St-Aubin, then Élisabeth Le Gardeur, has only 492 descendants, also all Beauregard. It seems the 1st Beauregard dit Jarret who settled in USA was his great-grandson, Alexis, born in 1779 and who settled at Lac Champlain about 1802.


The following tables give the number of records (baptisms, marriages, burials) found or guessed for all known descendants of André in the area indicated. This includes persons with uncertain linkage and records not located, but exclude persons not linked.

Québec (by county) : 26350

Abitibi                 98         Matane                   0
Argenteuil              84         Matapédia                1
Arthabaska              29         Mégantic                12
Bagot                 2035         Missisquoi             410
Beauce                  11         Montcalm               269
Beauharnois             44         Montmagny                1
Bellechasse              2         Montmorency             43
Berthier                24         Montréal, Ile         3158
Bonaventure              3         Napierville              6
Brome                  306         Nicolet                 16
Chambly                601         Nouveau-Québec           0
Champlain               30         Papineau                10
Charlevoix               3         Pontiac                133
Châteauguay             50         Portneuf                 8
Chicoutimi              57         Québec - Comté         279
Compton                210         Richelieu              195
Deux Montagnes          28         Richmond               200
Dorchester               7         Rimouski                 4
Drummond               280         Rivière du Loup          5
Frontenac                9         Rouville              1073
Gaspé                    2         Saguenay                10
Gatineau               748         St-Hyacinthe          6558
Huntingdon               6         St-Jean                122
Iberville              165         St-Maurice             153
Iles de la Madeleine     1         Shefford              3670
L'Islet                  4         Sherbrooke             426
Joliette                73         Soulanges               10
Kamouraska              14         Stanstead              212
Labelle                 60         Témiscaming            158
Lac St-Jean              1         Témiscouata             56
Laprairie              139         Terrebonne             164
L'Assomption           388         Vaudreuil               25
Laval                  171         Verchères             2249
Lévis                   13         Wolfe                  486
Lotbinière               6         Yamaska                 93
Maskinongé             409         Comté inconnu           24

Canada (by province) :

Alberta                           5
British Columbia                 15
Prince Edward Island              0
Manitoba                         12
New Brunswick                     5
Quebec                        26350
Nova Scotia                       1
Ontario                         341
Northwest Territories             0
Newfoundland                      0
Saskatchewan                    132
Yukon                             0
Unknown province                  3

USA (by state) :

Alaska                  0        Montana                15
Alabama                 1        North Carolina          1
Arkansas                0        North Dakota            0
Arizona                 2        Nebraska                6
Californie             13        New Hampshire         605
Colorado               54        New Jersey              4
Connecticut           112        New Mexico              0
District of Columbia   14        Nevada                  0
Delaware                0        New York              139
Floride                 7        Ohio                   39
Georgie                 3        Oklahoma                5
Hawaii                  0        Oregon                  0
Iowa                   72        Pennsylvania            9
Idaho                   5        Rhode Island          701
Illinois               75        South Carolina          4
Indiana                 2        South Dakota            0
Kansas                 20        Tennessee               0
Kentucky                0        Texas                   1
Louisiane               0        Utah                   30
Maine                 281        Virginia                4
Maryland                2        Vermont               289
Massachussetts       1067        Washington              3
Michigan               69        Wisconsin              69
Minnesota              16        West Virginia           3
Mississippi             0        Wyoming                 0
Missouri                0        Unknown state         111
Other places
Africa                     1
    Unknown country     1
Latin America              1
    Bolivia             1
Australia                  1
Europa                    14
    Germany             3
    France              2
    Great Britain       3
    Italy               1
    Unknown country     5

References and main sources

Fonds André Beauregard, Archives Nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, fonds privé cote P274, 19 boîtes, inventaire inédit par Denis Beauregard

La marque d'André Jarret, Mém. S.G.C.F., Vol. 4, no 3, janvier 1951, p. 137. Voir A.N.Q., Montréal, Fonds notaire René Oudain, 4 septembre 1674

André Jarret et ses Ancêtres, 1992, by Denis Beauregard (14$, including posting), translated by Raymond Beauregard

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