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Toutant-Beauregard from Louisiana

Origin of the name

Beauregard = Beau + regard, litterally Beautiful look.

There are about 150 places called Beauregard in France. The Beauregard name is usually given by the local geography. It designates a promontory allowing to have a beautiful look over the surroundings. It is thus not surprising to find many Beauregard Castles, for example, and many gave their name to wines.

The Toutant-Beauregard

Roots of this family is somewhat confused. From official version, it descends from a named Tider, a Walsh rebelled against the King of England, who moved to France, to La Rochelle, where he became Toutant, about year 1200. Then, about 1600, a descendant married a Lady Paix de Beauregard said to be the last of the name, and the family became Toutant-Beauregard. A branch went to Louisiane under Louis XIV (who died in 1715, so this part is fictive), with Jacques Toutant-Beauregard who married Madeleine Cartier. This couple has a child baptised in New Orleans in 1753.

This family is mostly known for its descendant, Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, the famous South general who ordered to fire the first canon shot of the US Civil War.

I found 106 descendants of this family, including Daniel Beauregard.

Note that Toutant-Beauregard is not exactly a dit name. Most people were using Toutant as 2nd or 3rd given name (i.e. , we have Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, whose given name is "Pierre Gustave Toutant").

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