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You want to use a professional genealogist for your Quebec oriented genealogical research ? Lost with French records ? This expert is here for hire !

3 services are available to help your research :

The Browsable Tree

The Browsable Tree or personal genealogy is a database available as a CD-ROM. Your immediate family and ancestors are presented with family sheets and links between generations are clickable through grand-parents or children in a family. This genealogy is prepared using a database (Genealogy of the French in North America or GFNA) built for years by a well-known genealogist from the more reliable data in the genealogical field. [More details...]

The Ancestry Book

This is a similar product, but presented as a printed book. [More details (in French)...]

The male or female line

Interested to know more about your DNA ? The two more common DNA analysis are Y-DNA and mt-DNA. Y-DNA is transmitted from father to son and remains nearly as is for many generations. mt-DNA is similar except it is transmitted from a women to her children. Technically, the mt-DNA transmitted from the father is considered as lost. The male line will bring you to the first to bring your family name to our continent while the female line will bring you to the founding mothers of the colony. Is she a King's Daughter or did she arrived already married or with her parents ? [More details (in French)...]


2013 - Lets celebrate birthdays !
  • 400e - 1613 - Marriage of Pierre RIVARD and Jeanne MULLARD, ancestors of RIVARD families !
  • 350e - 1663 - New France is now a Royal Colony. Arrival of the first King's Daughters !
  • 300e - 1713 - Acadia is now an English colony by Treaty of Utrecht. The area lost by France corresponds to Nova Scotia minus Cap-Breton Island (Île Royale)
  • 250e - 1763 - The Canada of that time is officially a British colony. It includes roughly south of Québec and Ontario, and the area around the Great Lakes.

December 25th, 2013 - Christmas
The perfect gift for the genealogist of the family Genealogy of the French in North America



Release 2013 of Genealogy of the French in North America is available. It includes 126,000 family sheets.

Your genealogy is not complete ? Those services will interest you !