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Quick research

The purpose of hour-paid research is to perform a quick and short research on one case. On one end, the asked question must be simple and can't require me to go to an external library. On the other end, the answer is sent by email.

Here are some typical cases:

  • Solving a problematic case (in Quebec records) from data I have at home
  • Question about resources available to solve yourself a dead end

Once the Paypal payment is made, you will receive a message from Paypal. Use it to write your question.

Services not covered

Some services are free. For instances, I helped many persons to find their French ancestor (and many shared their data later). However, if the task is important, I can't do it for free.

Also, there is no charge to correct something in my database Genealogy of the French in North America but be sure to have a reliable source. I consider Tanguay (Dictionnaire des familles canadiennes-françaises) alone as not reliable. If Tanguay has a date different from mine, verify the original record before contacting me.

I can't find the parents if you provide only a name. I received many requests from Americans having as the only data the name of one person, an approximate date, but no place, no parent and no spouse. If the name is common enough (like nearly all families), it is often possible to find many possible records. Also, it is possible the immigrant to USA gave the wrong place of origin or even changed his name to something not related at all.

Information needed

You must supply enough data to make the work possible, but not enough to make me spending your time in revising it or worse sending me in the wrong direction.

If the research is too complex, please use the Hour-paid research.


The rate for quick genealogical research is 11$ CAN/research. Paid by Paypal only


2013 - Lets celebrate birthdays !
  • 400e - 1613 - Marriage of Pierre RIVARD and Jeanne MULLARD, ancestors of RIVARD families !
  • 350e - 1663 - New France is now a Royal Colony. Arrival of the first King's Daughters !
  • 300e - 1713 - Acadia is now an English colony by Treaty of Utrecht. The area lost by France corresponds to Nova Scotia minus Cap-Breton Island (Île Royale)
  • 250e - 1763 - The Canada of that time is officially a British colony. It includes roughly south of Québec and Ontario, and the area around the Great Lakes.

December 25th, 2013 - Christmas
The perfect gift for the genealogist of the family Genealogy of the French in North America



Release 2013 of Genealogy of the French in North America is available. It includes 126,000 family sheets.

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