FrancoGene - Denis Beauregard, professional genealogist

Denis Beauregard is a well known genealogist and specialist of records in Quebec, Acadia and France.Denis Beauregard

His first works were made in the 1980s on his ancestral tree and on those of his friends. He later focussed on his family, trying to link all the Beauregard to his ancestor. From 1996, he decided to switch to the French immigration to Quebec (and former French colonies of the continent) to better use his recognition by the French genealogists because he created many resources helping to create that community. At the beginning of the century, he begun his masterpiece, the database known as Genealogy of the French in North America.

He pioneered the French Internet for genealogists, giving a first resource about Quebec genealogy using a series of files describing the specificities of genealogy in Quebec. Later, he organized newgroups when they were the major place for genealogists in the Internet, That gave him access to new resources as they were created, like Geneanet, the more important genealogy French site in 2010, while the father of FranceGenweb created the first French community to help genealogists and others created Geneabank, an important genealogical database in France. .In 1995, he started the first French-speaking web site totally dedicated to genealogy, from a first set of 12 pages in French, later translated in English.

SGCFSGLJDenis Beauregard also participated more officially to the Quebec genealogical community. He is a member of Société généalogique canadienne-française since 1981, and upgraded to life member the next year. He was elected a member of the board of Société généalogique canadienne-française in 2002-2006 and of Société de généalogie de La Jemmerais in 2006-2007. He created the first version of fichier Origine (when it was bilingual) and of the web site of Drouin Institute, was a director of Groupe Nécro and participated to some genealogical meetings (conseils) and conferences of Fédération québécoise des sociétés de généalogie and Fédération française de généalogie (Quebec and French federations of genealogical societies). He visited some vital records archives in Quebec when genealogists were welcome and to some centers in USA, and visited the library in Salt Lake City (LDS). He gave the first conferences about Internet and Genealogy in Quebec and France.

His route in genealogy gave him an important level of knowledge in genealogy. For instances, his research of Beauregard shown him the tools for research in Quebec but also many other places on the continent. His activities on the Internet allow him to better use available tools. And he speaks English, something the American genealogist will appreciate !


2013 - Lets celebrate birthdays !
  • 400e - 1613 - Marriage of Pierre RIVARD and Jeanne MULLARD, ancestors of RIVARD families !
  • 350e - 1663 - New France is now a Royal Colony. Arrival of the first King's Daughters !
  • 300e - 1713 - Acadia is now an English colony by Treaty of Utrecht. The area lost by France corresponds to Nova Scotia minus Cap-Breton Island (Île Royale)
  • 250e - 1763 - The Canada of that time is officially a British colony. It includes roughly south of Québec and Ontario, and the area around the Great Lakes.

December 25th, 2013 - Christmas
The perfect gift for the genealogist of the family Genealogy of the French in North America



Release 2013 of Genealogy of the French in North America is available. It includes 126,000 family sheets.

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