This work has several goals. As a Genealogical Dictionary of our Origins, it is foremost a collection of all the discoveries (birth , marriage and death records) made in France about migrants (or their ancestors) who settled in Quebec (volumes 1 and 2), in Acadia (volume 3), or elsewhere in North America (volume 4). Since a great part of this information is already available in René Jetté's Dictionnaire généalogique des familles du Québec (DGFQ), the data contained in this dictionary will not repeat what is contained in the DGFQ, except for references if there are a new data or a correction. Moreover, only the names of the spouses and the year of their marriage are generally provided. The formatting herein is also similar to that of the DGFQ to facilitate consultation between the two.

The current edition is not a final version. In fact, it is possible that there will never be a final version because of the new ongoing discoveries made in Europe and the desire to gather these into a single document. Those who purchase this version will be able to buy later supplements containing the additions and corrections to the current edition, whereas those who purchase subsequent editions will receive a version that integrates the latest additions and corrections. The author intends to always have an up-to-date copy for his work. Your forgiveness and comments with regards to errors will be appreciated, particularly if you have checked the latest updates first.

The initial goal of this work is to present all the records found in Europe concerning those immigrants who established themselves in Quebec or in Acadia, and the records found in France about the French who settled in North America (Louisiana, French Forts of the West, Huguenots) before 1760. Also included are the ancestors in the current United States or in Europe. In general, an ancestral tree is limited to great-grandparents if the subject does not have a descent, or to the 9th generation otherwise, except for possible royal lines.

The first volume contains also a certain number of additions or corrections to René Jetté's dictionary published in 1983. In general, the corrections relate to typographical errors such as a date incorrectly entered, and sometimes provides the correct name of the parents in the case of incomplete or untraceable marriage certificates. The reader will take note that these corrections all have been discovered by serendipity and that no systematic comparison of the DGFQ was made with the data of the PRDH or with the original records. Minor corrections are not included, in particular when the first name of an individual used at birth and the one used at time of marriage are different.

In some cases, we indicated the names of children appearing in a record dated after 1730 (lost baptism), children deliberately left out of the DGFQ and that are not all mentioned in the current edition.

A search was made for children born before 1731 outside Quebec whose father or mother was either born or married in Quebec. Again, this search consisted of examining various publications, but not systematically examining and classifying one by one all known records.

Whenever possible, the original articles were examined. In the case of non-credible or suspicious source, or mistakes caused by youthful inexperience, information was retained, but appears in a separate chapter (Speculations).

Volume 2 of this work is already in preparation and notes are being kept for future volumes 3 to 5. Here is a summary of the contents planned for these future volumes. It will be noted that " France " includes also the areas that became French after the arrival of a migrant, as well as the French-speaking areas of Europe such as French-speaking Belgium and French-speaking Switzerland, the Valley of Aoste in Italy, and Monaco. In certain cases, old or current French territories located outside of Europe are included.