Introduction Part 2

Volume 2 (in preparation): origin confirmed by a record found in Europe for immigrants who established themselves in Quebec (borders as defined in 1998) between 1731 and 1799, and who had descendants. It can be the record of birth, marriage or death of the migrant, or his/her ancestral tree. The returns in France after the Conquest of 1759-1763 are also included. The French established directly apart from Quebec (i.e. those who left no trace in Quebec) should appear in chapter 3 or 4. European records confirming an origin not in France are also included in this chapter, but as the sources are fewer, these data will be less complete. The reader will note that the series Nos origines en France, by Norman Robert, already published a list of the immigrants from France before 1825. Thus it is pointless to reproduce that list here.

Volume 3 (planned): origin in Europe of an Acadian. It can be confirmed or not by a record found in Europe, but the source must be given if the origin is not confirmed. This volume is about the immigrants established in Acadia defined as all the area of Canada east of Quebec, plus part of Maine with French establishments before 1758 and who had descendants. This volume should contain only the first marriage in Acadia of the immigrant; it is not the genealogical dictionary of old Acadia (Dictionnaire généalogique de l'ancienne Acadie or DGAA), a work available as is on the Internet. In addition, the French Protestants established in Acadia after 1713 will also be included, as well as the British who had descendants before 1755, depending on information available.

Volume 4 (planned): origin in France of a Canadian (except Quebec and Acadia) or American. It can be confirmed or not by a record found in France, but the source must be given if origin is not confirmed. This volume concerns the immigrants established directly in Canada, west of Quebec and not being established in Quebec or in Acadia previously, or in the current territory of the United States, in particular in Louisiana and in French Forts of the West, as well as Huguenots.

Volume 5 (planned): French cousins. This volume concerns at the same time the family of the ancestors who came to New France and to those which returned back to France before 1765. It is not planned to include the Acadians because so many were exiled in 1755-1758 and this is the subject of a future publication by Stephen White (Acadian families and families of their descendants until 1780).

This work has been published on the Internet as a Web page.

Because of the publication on paper, it is now forbidden to print or reproduce this work as a whole. However each individual information can be added to your family tree because they are facts. Do not forget to give the credit of his/her discovery to the researcher who found each information mentioned here.

 About the English Version

The main difference between the French and English versions is the introduction. A few typos were corrected, but there is no additional material in order to keep both versions synchronized. The author chose not to translate the genealogical content, because this could delete useful information or mix French and English texts. Instead, the introduction has a long list of definitions to help you to understand this work and most others available in French on this subject.

The introduction was translated by translation software, then revised by the author, and finally by some friends more fluent in English (usually one or two pages per person). I may have changed or added a few paragraphs after the proofreading, so I am to blame if the translation is imperfect. Thanks to the proofreading team, in particular to Robert Chartrand, Albert W. Hamel, Guy Lusignan, M. Maguire, George A. Pelletier, Leo Rampen, Julie Winn and Xenia Stanford.