Your Contribution

Your Contribution is welcome if it is relevant. It is useless to forward me information found in the common dictionaries like Tanguay, Drouin or Jetté. Validate also any attempt to identify a different place of origin by reading the original record.

If an error is an obvious typo (like 31-2-1730 or a child born after the mother is dead), try to find exact information (in PRDH, for example, or in the source indicated by Jetté, see page XXIV of the DGFQ).

If the source is a book, indicate the title of the book, the author and the year of publication. The call number can be useful (with the library where the book is available); remember I visit usually these libraries: SGCF in Montreal, ANQ in Montreal, Salle Gagnon in Montreal, town library in Boucherville and C.H. Grignon in Longueuil.

If the source is a periodical, indicate the title of the publication, the name of the society that publishes it (if necessary), the date, the number and the page of the reference, as well as the name of the author. If the paper is available in the area of Montreal, please advise me. If not, a photocopy would be appreciated.

If the source is an original document (a baptism record found during a journey to France for example), indicate it. I suggest that any new record is the subject of a paper in a genealogical magazine with a reproduction of the original record. The PRDH has a collection of birth certificates found in Europe whereas the IFGH has a collection of varied records. Indicate the number of the microfilm or collection consulted if it is relevant.

Forward information preferably by snail mail (see back cover) or by email to denis.b@francogene.com, with the same format as that I use. As I will possibly move, you can reach me via the SGCF.