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p. 228, 1re colonne

CHARET, Étienne, de Ste-Radegonde v. Poitiers [b 15-04-1635 St-Jean-Baptiste v. Poitiers (Vienne: 86194)]

* m 1670

BISSOT, Catherine

Source: AGCF, no 1, 1995, p. 36, par Jean-Marie Germe

p. 228, 1re colonne: page and column in the DGFQ

* m 1670: marriage year if unchanged, otherwise marriage date and location.

Struck-through: deleted information, usually because it is either erroneous, less probable or less accurate than an alternative.

[Data between brackets]: added or corrected information

For each French locality, the "departement" is indicated (Vienne in the example) followed by the INSEE Code (86194). The French Institute of Statistics (INSEE) uses INSEE codes to identify each French locality ("commune"). It is not the postal code (certain towns have several postal codes and certain postal codes encompass more than one locality).

Note: additional information or author comment.

Source: information source.


Date in DGFQ and DGO, as well as most sources in French, have the following format: day-month-year. In Quebec the date format will be 31-12-1997, while in France the format will be 31.12.1997. Always be careful when reading or entering a date; look for unambiguous dates (i.e., 13 to 31 of a month).

The dates are given according to the date mentioned in the records. See the discussion below for the calendars used in certain cases (Old Style and New Style).

Reading dates and places:


n 13-06 b 14-07-1705 means born June 13, 1705 baptized July 14, 1705
d 06 s 08-02-1707
means died February 6, 1707 buried February 8, 1707

Catherine-Marguerite n 04-05 Riviere-Ouelle b La Pocatiere 02-07-1681 L'Islet means

born May 4, 1681, in Riviere-Ouelle (residence locality)
baptized July 2, 1681, in La Pocatiere (ceremony locality)
baptism recorded in L'Islet (record location)

Note: In the introduction, text in French is in Italics.