Places mentioned

The area where a place is located appears only one time per article. The abbreviations appear at the end. Except for other mentions, a place is located in Quebec. The places located in France are indicated as follows: St-André v. Niort (Deux-Sèvres: 79191), i.e. the parish St-André in the town of Niort, departement of Deux-Sèvres, INSEE code 79191. INSEE codes are unique codes identifying each commune. It is not the postal code. The cantons or arrondissements are generally not indicated.

Places in Acadia (identified as Acadie or Terre-Neuve, i.e. Newfoundland):

  1. Beaubassin, now Amherst, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia
  2. Grand-Pré, near Wolfville, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
  3. Louisbourg, Île-Royale (now Cape-Breton Island), Cape Breton Co., Nova Scotia
  4. Plaisance, now Placentia, Terre-Neuve
  5. Port-Lajoie, Île St-Jean, now Charlottetown, Queen's Co., Prince-Edward Island
  6. Port-Royal, now Annapolis Royal, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia
  7. Rivière St-Jean (River St.John), between New Brunswick and Maine

Places in the current United States:

The name of the modern state is indicated, even if there did not exist at the time.

  1. Albany, Albany Co., New York (where is: Reformed Dutch Church)
  2. Bergen, Bergen Co.?, New Jersey
  3. Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts
  4. Biloxi, Harrison Co., Mississippi
  5. Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
  6. Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York
  7. Cahokia, St.Clair Co., Illinois
  8. Cambridge-Farms, Middlesex Co.? (ex. Henry Co.?), Massachusetts
  9. Cape Ann, Essex Co., Massachusetts
  10. Cape Porpoise, York Co., Maine
  11. Casco Bay now Falmouth, Cumberland Co., Maine
  12. Cocheco (now Dover), Strafford Co., New Hampshire
  13. Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
  14. Dedham, Norfolk or Essex Co., Massachusetts
  15. Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts
  16. Détroit, Wayne Co., Michigan
  17. Dorchester, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
  18. Dover-Foxcroft, Piscataquis Co., Maine
  19. Durham, Piscataquis Co., Maine
  20. Exeter, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire
  21. Falmouth, Cumberland Co., Maine
  22. Fort Casco, Casco Bay now Falmouth, Cumberland Co., Maine
  23. Fort de Chartres, Randolph Co., Illinois
  24. Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
  25. Hadley, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts
  26. Hampton, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire
  27. Haverhill, Essex Co., Massachusetts
  28. Hingham, Middlesex or Plymouth Co., Massachusetts
  29. Île Dauphin, Mobile Co., Alabama
  30. Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts
  31. Kaskaskia, Randolph Co., Illinois
  32. Kingston, Ulster Co., New York
  33. Kittery, York Co., Maine
  34. Long Island, New York
  35. Marblehead, Essex Co., Massachusetts
  36. Medfield, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts
  37. Michillimakinac, now MacKinaw City, Cheboygan Co., Michigan
  38. Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut
  39. Mobile, Mobile Co., Alabama (also named Fort Louis de la Mobile and Fort Condé)
  40. Mont Desert (in Bar Harbour), Hancock Co., Maine
  41. Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey
  42. Newcastle, Lincoln Co., Maine
  43. New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut
  44. New Paltz, Ulster Co., New York
  45. Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island
  46. New York, New York (where is:New York Dutch Church)
  47. Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts
  48. La Nouvelle-Orléans (New Orleans), Orleans parish, Louisiana
  49. Oyster River (now Durham), Strafford Co., New Hampshire
  50. Pascagoula, Jackson Co., Mississippi
  51. Pemaquid, Lincoln Co., Maine
  52. Portsmouth, county?, RI or NH
  53. Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., New York
  54. Roxbury, Oxford Co., Maine
  55. Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
  56. Ruisseau St-Jean or Bayou St.Jean, parish?, Louisiana
  57. Saint-Charles des Allemands, parish St.Charles Parish, Louisiana
  58. Saint-Joseph des Illinois, Berrien Co., Michigan
  59. Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts
  60. Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts
  61. Scarboro, Cumberland Co., Maine
  62. Schenectady, Schenectady Co., New York
  63. Simsbury, Hartford Co., Connecticut
  64. South Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts
  65. Springfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts
  66. Staten Island, Richmond Co., New York
  67. Stone Bridge or Ponnd, Bergen Co.?, New Jersey
  68. Sturgeon Creek, county?, Maine
  69. Suffield, Hartford Co., Connecticut
  70. Tarrytown, Westchester Co., New York (where is: Dutch Church)
  71. Tchapitoulas, Pointe-Coupée parish, Louisiana
  72. Ulster Co., New York
  73. Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
  74. Wells, York Co., Maine
  75. Westerly, Washington Co., Rhode Island
  76. Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut
  77. Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut
  78. Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts
  79. York, York Co., Maine

Note: in Louisiana, the counties are called parishes.

Places to be located (any help appreciated):

  1. Bergen, Bergen Co.?, New Jersey (Mathieu BOVIE)
  2. Cambridge-Farms, Middlesex Co.? (ex. Henry Co.?), Massachusetts (Joseph-Benjamin MASY)
  3. Portsmouth, county?, RI or NH (Jacques STILLSON)
  4. Ruisseau St-Jean or Bayou St.Jean, parish?, Louisiana (Antoine RIVARD)
  5. Stone Bridge or Ponnd, Bergen Co.?, New Jersey (Mathieu BOVIE)
  6. Sturgeon Creek, county?, Maine (Jacques RITCHOT)

Other places in Americas:

  1. Barbades (Barbados)
  2. La Havane (Habana), Cuba
  3. Pointe Sable, Île St-Christophe, now Sandy Point, St-Kitts and Nevis
  4. Île St-Christophe, now St-Kitts and Nevis
  5. Île St-Domingue, now forming Haïti and Dominican Republic

Places in England:

  1. Acle, Norfolk Co.
  2. Ashford, Kent Co.
  3. Bedfordshire Co.
  4. Blofield, Norfolk Co.?
  5. Bradfield, Suffolk Co. (where is: St.Georges)
  6. Brettenham, Suffolk Co.
  7. Canterbury, Kent Co.
  8. Charlecote, Warwick Co.
  9. Cholesbury, Buckinghamshire Co.
  10. Coventry, Warwickshire Co.
  11. Crewkerne, Somerset Co.
  12. Dedham, Essex Co.
  13. Devon, Devonshire Co.
  14. Filby, Norfolk Co.
  15. Glastonbury, Somerset Co.
  16. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Co.
  17. Hampshire Co.
  18. Hemblington, Norfolk Co.
  19. Hemsby (or Hemesby), Norfolk Co.
  20. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Co.
  21. Hitcham, Suffolk Co.
  22. Ipswich, Suffolk Co.
  23. Kethelsthorp, Norfolk Co.
  24. Lawford, Essex Co.
  25. Londres (where is: St.Mary)
  26. Lydd, Kent Co. (where is: All Hallows)
  27. Martham, Norfolk Co.
  28. Monceter, county?
  29. Nedging, Suffolk Co.
  30. Norfolk Co.
  31. Ormesby, Norfolk Co.
  32. Ranworth (or Randworth), Norfolk Co.
  33. Rattlesden, Suffolk Co.
  34. Saint.German's, Cornwall Co. (south west)
  35. Salisbury, Wiltshire Co. (where is: St.Edmund)
  36. Semer, Suffolk Co.
  37. Softwood, Kent Co.
  38. Somerset, Somerset Co.
  39. South Walsham, Norfolk Co. (where is: St.Mary)
  40. Stokesly-with-Herringby (or Stokesby-with-Herringby), Norfolk Co.
  41. Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick Co.
  42. Suffolk, Suffolk Co.
  43. Tichfield, Hants Co.
  44. Worcester, Worcestershire Co.

Places to be located (any help appreciated):

  1. Blofield, Norfolk Co.? (Joseph HAINS, anc. no. 58)
  2. Monceter, county? (Ignace RAIZENNE, anc. no. 124 of his spouse)

Places in Belgium:

  1. Bruges, province of East Flanders
  2. Notre-Dame-aux-Fonts v. Liege, province of Liege

Places in Scotland:

  1. Dundee, Angus Co.
  2. Leith, Edinburgh Co.
  3. Stirlingshire Co.

Places in Switzerland:

  1. Bâle, Bâle canton
  2. Genève, Genève canton

Other places in Europe:

  1. Desmond (in irish: Desumhain or Deasmhumhain), Kerry Co., Ireland
  2. Île Jersey, Anglo-Normand Islands
  3. Tallow, Waterford Co., Ireland