Genealogy of French in North America

Frequently asked questions

This page includes more information relevant to the CD-ROM.

  • What is the purpose of the check boxes ?
    • It is only for the presentation of the children.
  • How do I make an update ?
    • You copy the new release over the same directory in your computer.  Don't forget to save your changes if you decided to modify some family sheets.
  • What are the main differences with the DGQA CD-ROM (Dictionnaire généalogique du Québec ancien) ?
    • Our database covers a larger territory, including Acadia and the Mississippi Valley, and has a lot of data after 1765 (upper limit of the DGQA).  There are many foreign generations including some back to the time of Charlemagne.  On the other end, the DGQA has rebuilt all the families from 1621 to 1765 (the Internet version goes to 1780).

Genealogy of French in North America
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