Ancestors of Jean CHRÉTIEN

Willie CHRÉTIEN 27-05-1909 Baie-Shawinigan (Sacré-Coeur) Marie BOISVERT
François CHRÉTIEN 06-10-1885 Manchester (St-Augustin), NH Olivine LAFORME
François CHRÉTIEN 10-01-1865 St-Barnabé Elisabeth BLAIS
François-Régis CHRÉTIEN 29-08-1831 Louiseville Marie-Louise MARCOTTE
François CHRÉTIEN 02-05-1808 Yamachiche Amable RIVARD dit LORANGER
François CHRÉTIEN 09-08-1773 Louiseville Marguerite BERGERON
François CHRÉTIEN 14-10-1738 Trois-Rivières Charlotte BONNEAU dit LABECASSE
Jacques CHRÉTIEN 20-02-1713 St-François, Ile d'Orléans Marie-Josephte BAUDON
Vincent CHRÉTIEN vers 1688 Ile d'Orléans Anne LECLERC
16 François-Régis CHRÉTIEN, mar 29-08-1831 Louiseville
8 François CHRÉTIEN, mar 10-01-1865 St-Barnabé
17 Marie-Louise MARCOTTE
4 François CHRÉTIEN, born 26-10-1865, mar 06-10-1885 Manchester (St-Augustin), NH, died 23-08-1931 Trois-Rivières, buried 26-08-1931 (see note below about his mother)
18 Joseph BLAIS, mar 24-10-1826 Yamachiche
9 Elisabeth BLAIS
2 Willie CHRÉTIEN, mar 27-05-1909 Baie-Shawinigan (Sacré-Coeur)
20 François LAFORME dit PERRON
10 Godfroi LAFORME, mar 12-09-1854 St-Barnabé
21 Judith POUDRIER
5 Olivine LAFORME
22 François GARCEAU
11 Aurélie GARCEAU
23 Charlotte BOISVERT
24 Joseph BOISVERT, mar 07-02-1820 Yamachiche
12 Pierre BOISVERT, mar 14-09-1858 St-Barnabé Nord
25 Marguerite CORRIVEAU
6 Philippe BOISVERT, mar 17-04-1886 Trois-Rivières
26 Frédéric BOURASSA, mar 01-08-1826 Yamachiche
13 Philomène BOURASSA
27 Julie ST-PIERRE
28 Antoine GELINAS, mar 18-01-1825 Yamachiche
14 Antoine GELINAS, mar 08-05-1854 St-Barnabé
29 Josephte LAMY
30 François GELINAS, mar 05-03-1832 Yamachiche
15 Elzire GELINAS
31 Amélie LAVERGNE

Note about the parents of François CHRÉTIEN (married 1885).  From a wrong family genealogy of the Chrétien family, this François is deceased in 1930 (no specific date) at 63 years.  But, I found the good date of death in a burial repertoire and in the index consolidé des décès du Québec (BSQ, now ISQ).  He actualy died 23th August 1931 and was buried 26th.  He is born 26 October 1865.  His father (like him) get married twice: first in 1853 with Aurise Trépanier (some authors and web sites say she is his mother), then 10 January 1865 at St-Barnabé with Élisabeth Blais.  So, he can't be born from the first marriage.

Genealogy must be something else than only copying blindly mistakes of other.  When you see differences, at least investigate your source of data.

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