Genealogy of the French in North America


Author : Denis Beauregard

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You can contact the author to indicate :

  • any mistake or missing family in this release (before writing, please read the description of the project);
  • any link missing before 1790 (record lost for example);
  • any new relevant data.
  • keep in mind that at this time, the birth and death data and the never married children are usually omitted.  Please don't write just to add one missing never married child.  This data will be added slowly over the next years.  For efficiency, I have to set priorities and those are the head of families and the married children, not the birth, death or never married data.

To send email, use the link "Contact" from my web site (  Otherwise, use the address in the home page of the CD-ROM

Genealogy of the French in North America
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