Genealogy of the French in North America

Errors in previous releases

This is a summary of the mistakes corrected in each release.  This list doesn't include the small mistakes like names nor about the not-yet completed works.  For example, when some data is added (child omitted previously, new marriage record, one more generation, etc.), this is not a correction relevant to this list.  A more accurate reference (a previously missing page number, for example) is neither a correction but an improvement, like replacing the page number is a minor correction.

On the other end, the lists below will indicate most errors about dates, family links and places (except hypothetical origin).  Since a complete note appears under the family entry, this page has only the family sheet number (sometimes for the parents) and not a complete description.

The couples are shown in the tables for each version.  The star means the correction is for that person.  Otherwise, it is about the couple, the parents, the parents-in-law or a child.

The errors are presented for the release where the correction appeared.  Those pages are made manually; they are based on the notes "corrected date" displayed on the relevant family sheets.

Genealogy of the French in North America
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