Genealogy of the French in North America

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[199001] ALAIN, Simon

BABIN, Marguerite

Other parents for her

[37700] AUDET dit LAPOINTE, Barthélemy

TREMBLAY, Marie Procule

Date of marriage contract

[137595] BACON, Charles

ROBERGE, Josette

Given name of husband, date of marriage

[48849] BARETTE, Pierre

Other parents for him

CAMPAGNA, Marie Anne

[83485] BARON, Pierre

.., Marie Louise

      1) François Xavier, married Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly 1815-05-18 Françoise .., married Deschaillons 1821-10-09 Exupère TREMBLAY

Other parents for François Xavier

      2) Pierre, married Saint-Nicolas 1810-10-16 Élisabeth SIMONEAU

Other parents for Pierre

[138119] BARON, Pierre

Other parents for him

SIMONEAU, Élisabeth

[5077] CATALOGNE (de), Gédéon

Date of burial

LEMIRE, Marie Anne

[150] CÔTÉ, Jean

Place of birth deleted (Mortagne-au-Perche is hypothetical like any similar data)


[59702] DUPERRON, Joseph Antoine

GAREAU, Catherine

Date of marriage

[160789] GAUDREAU, Jean-Baptiste

BÉLANGER, Geneviève

Other parents for her

[170902] LAVALLÉE, Joseph


Parents mentionned are adoptive (Louis CARTIER and Marie THÉROUX, 54132)

[3613] MARSOLET, Nicolas


      10) Marie, baptized 1661-07-20 Rouen, dead 1677-02-27 (prdh) or 1677-02-22 (dgfq), buried 1677-02-28 Québec

Date of death

[188995] ROY dit PORTELANCE, Élie

PICARD, Marie-Antoine

Date of marriage

Genealogy of the French in North America
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