Genealogy of the French in North America

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[137692] BAILLARGEON, François

BOUFFARD, Marie-Anne

Date of marriage

[138493] BEAUCAGE, Pierre

Other mother of the husband

MATTE, Josephte

[45133] CHARBONNEAU, Joseph


Date of marriage

[8076] DENIGER, Jean


Date of marriage

[8077] DENIGER, Pierre

TÊTU, Catherine

Date of marriage

[156820] DUQUET, Jean-Baptiste

SAVARD, Marie Narcisse

Date of marriage

[19753] FOUCHER, Gabriel


      2) Marguerite, born about 1748, married 1778 Alexis LEMAÎTRE dit DUÈME, married 1786-11-20 Augustin PLANTE

Other parents

[115724] HACHÉ, Xavier

DOUCET, Madeleine

Parents of the wife deleted

[196195] HOURTIOUX, Jean


Parents of the wife deleted

[6830] JARRY dit HENRICHON, Henri
L'ÉCUYER, Agathe

Date of marriage

[168151] LACOMBE, Antoine


Date of marriage

[168162] LACOMBE, Augustin Guillaume

BLANCHET, Christine

Place of marriage

[174360] LÉVESQUE, Jean-Baptiste

MARTEL, Des-Anges

Place of marriage

[37766] MACLURE, John

FINN, Jeannette

      2) André, baptized 1733-02-25 Albany, dead 1776, married 1756-10-25 Marie Anne GAUVREAU

Other date of baptism

180143] NORMANDEAU, Nicolas

NADEAU, Marie Agnès

Other parents of the wife

[15062] PRÉVOST ou PROVOST dit SAINT-FRANÇOIS, Jean Baptiste

SÉDILOT dit MONTREUIL, Marie Geneviève2

       3) Marie Jeanne ou Marie PROVOST, born 1714, dead 1800-05-22, buried 1800-05-23 Grondines, married 1733-08-18 Joseph MAILLOT, married 1766-06-02 Jacques GUÉNET, married 1783-04-29 Jacques LABOMBARDE dit BOMBARDIER

Date of death

[80692] SMITH, John

HÉBERT, Anastasie

      2) Marie ou Marie Josèphe, born about 1774, baptized 1789, dead 1836-10-12, buried 1836, married 1789-11-23 Jacques SURPRENANT

Correction to baptism and marriages of homonymous sisters

      6) Marie Josephte, born 1783, baptized 1788, dead 1833, buried 1833, married 1800-09-29 Jean-Baptiste CAILLÉ dit BISCORNET

Correction to baptism and marriages of homonymous sisters

Genealogy of the French in North America
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