Genealogy of the French in North America

Errors in previous releases

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Errors corrected in the release of May 2017

Baptism moved from family 116629
[48049] ARBOUR, Chrysostôme

* married 1795

MÉTHOT, Marie Élisabeth

      1) Joseph, baptized 1796-04-27 Carleton, married Bonaventure 1821-08-29 Helen DONAGHUE

DNA evidences suggest other parents-in-law
[211818] BABIN, Jean Baptiste

* married about 1745, from  (Acadie)

LANDRY, Ursule

Age at death suggest other parents-in-law
[48879] BARIBEAU, Jean Baptiste

* married 1774

BARIL, Geneviève

Family revised (homonymous couples)

[48909] BARIL, François Xavier

* married 1792

RAUX dit ALEXANDRE, Marie Josèphe

      1) Paschal, married Bécancour 1815-01-07 Marguerite RIVARD (other parents)

      2) David, married Gentilly 1824-05-11 Geneviève MICHEL (other parents)

      3) Alexis, married Gentilly 1820-09-12 Monique PÉPIN (other parents)

      4) Amable, married Gentilly 1822-01-08 Marguerite PEPIN (other parents)

      5) Geneviève, married Gentilly 1822-11-26 Grégoire GIROUARD

Other parents and parents-in-law
[42694] BAUDET, Jean Baptiste

* married 1735

LEMARINIER, Marie Madeleine

Father-in-law now unknown (instead of the 2nd partner of her mother)
[113957] BUCKLEY, Jean

* married avant 1792, from  Pointe Saint-Pierre ?

HENLEY, Isabelle

Father-in-law now unknown
[11505] CERAT dit COQUILLARD, François

* married 1714

BARDET, Françoise

Other parents-in-law
[19058] DEMERS dit DUMAIS, Jean François

* married 1747

BARIL dit BARICOUR, Marie Anne

Gender of spouses switched, sheet 154395 merged
[137951] DESSUREAU, Michel

* married 1813


DNA evidences suggest other parents, but not-identified (he must descend from Pierre Doucet)
[207252] DOUCET, Paul

* married about 1765

MICHEL, Félicité

Other parents
[212225] DOUCET, François

* married about 1781

GALLANT, Anastasie

According to the original record, the given name of the father is Jean and not François
[3025] HUDON, Jean

* married before 1642

DURAND, Françoise

      1) Jeanne, dead 1669-08-14, buried Chemillé (Notre-Dame) (Maine-et-Loire : 49092) (OEDML 12; Jean-Marie Germe; AD49 26/302)

      2) Pierre HUDON dit BEAULIEU, married Québec 1676-07-13 Marie2 GOBEIL

Other mother from the age at wedding
[31847] LABERGE, Joseph

* married 1750


Other parents
[135880] LAMBERT (and not ALBERT), Jean

* married 1821


The place of wedding is not Sorel
[8219] LATOUR dit LAFORGE, Pierre

* married 1705-12-01 L'Île-Dupas

BANHIAC, Étiennette

Date of marriage, other parents
[144790] LE BRASSEUR, Emmanuel

* married 1802

ROUSSY, Angélique

Parents deleted for Marie COURSOLLE dit LAFLOTTE (because of her DNA). Likely rised by Louis COURSOLLE but her biological father could be a LEDROIT.
[214078] LEDROIT, ..

.., .. (..)

      1) Marie COURSOLLE dit LAFLOTTE then LEDROIT, married Trois-Rivières 1756-02-02 Denis PONSANT dit FRANCOEUR, married (Québec) 1774 Louis François ROUILLARD dit SAINT-CYR, married Trois-Rivières 1780-04-24 Claude Michel DESCHENEAUX dit JANVIER et LAPERLE

Date of marriage
[628] LÉTOURNEAU, David

* married 1664

CHAPELAIN, Françoise

Other parents-in-law
[212211] MARTIN, Simon

* married about 1803, from  (Île du Prince-Édouard)

DOUCET, Judith

Other parents and parents-in-law
[210213] MIUS, Benjamin

* married about 1786


Father-in-law now unknown (instead of the 2nd partner of her mother)
[77431] QUEMENEUR, Martin

* married 1799

HENLEY, Isabelle

Date of marriage
[85385] TRAHAN, Alexandre

* married 1714

LEJEUNE, Marguerite

Genealogy of the French in North America
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