Genealogy of the French in North America

Installation on a hard disk

This database is static.  To install it on a hard disk, create a subdirectory (or open an existing directory) and copy or drag there all the files from the CD-ROM, then click on the main file (index.htm in the new directory) and add it to your favorites.

The space needed on the hard disk can be larger than the space used on the CD-ROM.  Here are some example (release 2008):


Hard disk's format

Space needed


0 MB

Windows 98

FAT32 with a 40 GB hard disk

2,200 MB

Windows XP

FAT32 with a 40 GB hard disk

2,200 MB

Windows XP


about 320 MB (estimated)



320 MB

Installation step by step

If not already done, please read the help file on your computer to know how to use the Windows File Manager or Windows File Explorer.

On the hard disk, create a new subdirectory.  Let's call it GFAN (for any other meaningfull name).

Put the CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.  Wait a few seconds and select this file with the File Manager.

Select all the files in the root directory (or select one file and do ctrl-A or control-A).  Drag those files (you put the mouse on one of them) toward the new subdirectory.  This will need many minutes.

Click on the file index.htm in the new directory of the hard disk.  The window of the Web Browser should open.  Add this page to your favorites.

Names of directories

Don't change the names of directories inside gfna. Old versions of Windows were case insensitive but not the more recent releases. Thus, GFNA is now different from gfna.

Modifying the display of a family sheet.

You can modify directly the file base.css (under gfna, besides directories like 000, 001, etc.) to change how the family sheets are displayed. Many files are also proposed.

To try another presentation in Windows, open the Windows Explorer, locate the directory gfna\css (gfna/css under Linux) which contains many other directories with a file named base.css.

Select one of these directories, then click base.css. Click the right button of the mouse and on "Copy", then click the gfna directory and click again the right button of the mouse and on "Paste". Accept the file be replaced.

Genealogy of the French in North America
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