Genealogy of the French in North America

Countries' Codes

Those codes are used in the whole database.  Some are not found in the CD-ROM.

Keep that in mind : the places of origin come from many sources :

  • the marriage or marriage contract of the immigrant
  • other event (baptism of a child, burial, notary record, etc.)
  • declaration made by a child or the spouse of the immigrant, after the death of that immigrant
  • dit name of the immigrant

There is a proof of that origin for only 15 to 20% of immigrants.  There is no statistic to explain the failures but it seems that for most studied cases, the causes are

  • records are missing (our ancestors were often born before the beginnings of the records or there are gaps in the records or they were destroyed)
  • the wrong place is presumed (i.e. the place of origin was actually the last place of residence or the name was not very readable or not complete or may correspond to many places). 

In 80 to 85% of the cases, the origin is an hypothesis, and the database has no accurate date about the immigrant or the relative in the native land.

Moreover, borders have changed since that era (Germany and Italy were created later and France has a larger territory).

Code Name of country
Regions in use and comments


990100 ..

990101 Denmark
990103 Norway

990104 Sweden
990105 Finland
990109 Germany In many case, it is a German state existing before the Unification of 1870.
990110 Austria
990112 Hungary
990114 Romania

990115 Slovak Republic

990116 Czech Republic
990119 Croatia

990122 Poland
990123 Russia

990124 Turkey
990126 Greece

990127 Italy
990131 Belgium
990132 United Kingdom England, Scotland, Wales (forming the Great Britain)
Northern Ireland (if the town or county is known)
990133 Gibraltar
990134 Spain
990135 Netherland
990136 Ireland
990137 Luxemburg
990138 Monaco
990139 Portugal

990140 Switzerland
990144 Malta


990207 Palestine or Israel

990208 Turkey
990216 China

990223 India


990300 Africa
990303 South Africa
990313 Canary Islands

990319 Azores, Madeira
990341 Senegal

990352 Algeria
990390 Mauritius


990400 America
May comprise Pays-d'en-Haut (area west of Quebec), West Indies
990401 Canada
United States of America
State, New England
990405 Mexico
990407 Cuba

990410 Saint Domingue, today Haïti
990410 Brasil

990426 Jamaica
990427 Malouïnes Islands, today Falkland Islands

990433 Trinidad-and-Tobago
990435 Grenada
990439 Saint Lucia
990440 Saint Vincent Island

990442 Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Kitts : Saint-Christophe, Nevis : Niévès

Genealogy of the French in North America
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