Genealogy of the French in North America

Special releases

Some releases of that database are generated with data not found in the standard release.  This document is presenting  the details of these special releases.

Family genealogies

A family genealogy is about all people with the same family name.  It comprises all the data in our complete database and found in many reference books (mostly repertoires) and databases.

The Beauregard genealogy comprises the families named familles Beauregard, Jarret dit Beauregard, Jarret dit Vincent, Jarret de Verchères, Davignon dit Beauregard (Québec) and Toutant de Beauregard (Louisiana), as weel as some European families already available in the database (Costa de Beauregard, David de Beauregard, Guerry de Beauregard, Savary de Beauregard, Sourdeau de Beauregard, Turquet de Beauregard, etc.) and based on data coming from noble books, as well as some variations (Beaugard, Bourgard, Garrett) and errors (the Beauregard dit Champagne are actually Beaugrand, just like the Jarret dit Larose are Sauret and the Jarret dit Lajoie are Gérin). 

Nearly all the data about the Beauregard from the province of Québec are from the records available to genealogists in the courts houses until 1993), as well as the répertoires and databases available.  This search was performed mainly from 1980 to 1996 even if some more recent data is included. 

The 2008b release comprises the Beauregard (and similar names) couples in the database and the dates and places of marriages and names of parents and parents-in-law where they are in the database.  Remaining data is limited to 1825 (marriage of the parents in a family), more particularly the unmarried children, baptisms and burials, and the marriage of the parents-in-law.  Data about the remaining years will be added in future releases.  This data is in another database with a different format and a manual transfer has to be done between them.

The family genealogies are available in two formats.  The minimum format comprises the family by itself and other data in the database until 1700.  The extended format includes the family and the current version of the Genealogy of the French in North America.  In both cases, the CD-ROM is burned from the updated dataset but statistical data (like the number of descendants of a couple) is not refreshed.

Individual genealogies

An individual genealogy includes the ancestors of a person or of a couple.

When the genealogy is customized for a client, data comprises both the indivudual genealogy and the current version of Genealogy of the French in North America.   Statistical data (like the number of descendants of a couple) are refreshed in that case.

When it is the genealogy of a known person, content depends on the format, like the family genealogies.  The current version of the database is delivered.  The same statement applies to a genealogy of many known persons (special set up).  In both cases, the CD-ROM will be burned when the payment is received from the current dataset but statistical data (like the number of descendants of a couple) is not refreshed.

Genealogy of the French in North America
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