Genealogy of the French in North America

Author: Denis Beauregard

All the early families living in the old French colonies of North America are gathered in a unique database.  Here is the Genealogy of the French in North America, that of their ancestors and often their descendants who moved back to their initial country.

The 2016 release includes:

  • More than 92,100 family sheets, often with all married children (the web site version has only 20,000 sheets) (more than 152,000 with the children married after 1790)
  • More than 400 sources consulted
  • Nearly all colonial couples known from a marriage record or a marriage contract
  • The families that settled in Plaisance (Placentia), Terre-Neuve (Newfoundland), Acadia, in the Saint.Lawrence valley, around the Great Lakes and the Mississippi Valley and in Louisiana
  • Foreign origins, sometimes on many generations, sometimes living in Medieval times

New features of the 2012 release (the software generating the CD-ROM was completely rewritten):

  • Index are now by family name (and the index files are no more included).
  • Family sheets were added for children married after 1780 when their parents were married before 1781.
  • New format for statistics under each family sheet.
  • Family sheets are now provided with a style sheet (base.css) so that techies can change the look of the family sheets.

New features of the 2013 release:

  • All King's Daughters identified
  • Index of King's Daughters and links to their family sheets (they arrived from 1663 to 1673). Number of descendants estimated.
  • Reference lists added (2013b) : Metis, English Captives (preliminary). Number of descendants estimated.

New features of the 2014 release:

  • 5 years of family sheets, mostly about Québec families (more area of the North American continent will follow later)
  • Added more than 5,200 family sheets with DNA signatures

New features of the 2014a release:

New features of the 2014b release:

  • New statistics based on the genealogies of 100 couples married in the province of Québec in 1939 and 1940
  • There are now more than 15,400 family sheets with DNA signatures.

New features of the 2015 release:

  • Index of soldiers of the Regiment of Carignan and links to their family sheets. Number of descendants estimated.

New features of the 2015a release:

  • Index of salt-smugglers and links to their family sheets. Number of descendants estimated.
  • First attempt to make the pages compatible with mobile (viewport statements on nearly all pages)
  • There are now more than 20,500 family sheets with DNA signatures.
  • There is now an index for notes found in subdirectory "notes", include unpublished studies.

New features of the 2015b release:

  • Families before 1691 now completed.
  • Y-DNA signatures have now both nodal notation and the most recent mutation (SNP). Also, it is shown if the haplogroup is detected (based on SNP or mutations) or predicted (based on Y-STR statistical markers).
  • Extended notes for some families are now integrated to the family sheet for an easier access.

New features of the 2016 release:

  • Added 5 more years of data, 1786-1790, and nearly all marriage contracts (1790 is not complete)
  • Families to BAILLARGÉ now completed.
  • Added 3 more index : nobility made in New France and Knights of Saint.Louis, and troops of Tracy split from that of Régiment de Carignan
  • There are now more than 26,500 family sheets with DNA signatures (6,651 with Y-DNA and 19,863 with mt-ADN).
  • DNA signatures are now in green when they are linked to 2 tested persons or more, or in yellow when linked to only one tested person

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Format: one CD-ROM or DVD-ROM compatible with all Windows, Macintosh, Linux (web browser required)

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Genealogy of the French in North America
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