The first time I saw her

The first time I saw her
She was a nice dancer.
Flying on the dance flour,
Surfing among all the crews
That way, she opened a door
In my heart. It was in the news !

Like an angel her feet were so light
Looking at her was a true delight !
She was dancing in her bubble
Of the other she was not caring
So I look at her with my Hubble
I wanted to become her darling.

So go for it, I told myself,
Put your stress on a shelf.
Go ahead and try to know her
She is the one to whom you dream
Don't forget you were engineer
And draft the road, blow the steam.

So that night, I thought to what to say
I walked slowly so be on your way
Presenting myself to your face.
Did I made a fool of me ?
Did you think it was a race ?
And why did you run from me ?

But the next time again
Of all my goals you stay the main
And I talked again with you, my love
Of what, I can't remember my words
Except I wanted to be a dove
To fly at you and enter into your world.

Why must I use the keyboard
When I just want to be heard ?
Why is it so easy to you to think
And simpler to have you in my dreams
So often in my head your name blinks.
Why with you do I lose my means ?


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