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Modern Vital Records of Quebec


Ministere de la Justice du Quebec, Direction de l'Etat civil, Service a la clientele, 205, rue Montmagny, QUEBEC (Quebec) G1N 2Z9.


Record language. But, you will receive a filled form, not a copy of the record..


All Quebec vital records since 1900. Before 1994, all records were sorted by district, religion (catholic, other), town and parish (in some district, parish and town). Since 1994, new records are computerized. In 1994-1999, all records were scanned and indexed. It is thus possible to perform an overall search if the parish name is unknown.


Access restricted to government since January 1st, 1994. Thus far, negociations resulted only in one point: copies of Drouin microfilms covering 1900-1940 was not confiscated.

You can get only authentic records, thus it is expensive. For baptism records, the name of godparents is not supplied (despite the pretention one can get a "complete" act.


Before 1940: use Drouin microfilms; after 1940, government access only. But there are other regional resources.

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