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Acronym Blue Drouin then Men (La masculine) and Women (La féminine) series
Title Repertoire alphabetique des mariages des Canadiens francais, 1760 a 1935 : ordre masculin et feminin
Author Gabriel Drouin et al.
Original Publisher Institut Drouin. Rights are now shared (depending on the area or the content) between AFGS and Jean-Pierre Pepin. Description and price depends on the support for versions released by Drouin Institute.  See below:
La Masculine/Men Series La Feminine/Women Series
Printed (61 volumes) Printed (64 volumes)
559 microfiches 601 microfiches
21 microfilms
Language French (nearly no text)
Content Between 1 and 2 millions of marriages, mostly Quebec, sometimes from neighborhood area. Each book has 2 parts, roughly 1765-1880 and 1880-1935, but the 2nd part has many marriages before 1880.  Also, not all Quebec marriages are included. 

61 volumes sorted by men and 64 volumes sorted by women.

Releases At least 6 different releases.  The earliest done in 1989.  Changes include the introduction and the same pages are missing for the same release. 
Release Date Publisher
X1 November 1989  Institut généalogique et héraldique québécois
X2 February-March 1990 Les services généalogiques Claude Drouin
X3 1990-1997 (copy of Longueuil) Institut généalogique Drouin
X4 1990-1997 (copie of Montreal) Institut généalogique Drouin
X5 Since January 1998 Les éditions historiques et généalogiques Pépin (By men: ISBN 2-922381-07-2, by women: ISBN 2-922381-10-2)
X6 Since July 1998 American French Genealogical Society
Corrections There is a 3rd part, on microfilm (or micro-microfilm) with cards, but many cards have no reference and can be wild guesses. Thus, not a true set of corrections.  Description by the Drouin Institute.

There is a list of corrections with the most recent release.

Review Around 1930-1940, Drouin Institute invested $ 1.5 million to microfilm all vital records of Quebec and to produce this dictionary which was for a while the main asset of the company. The clerks hired for that work often reproduced the records as is. The result is that there are many typos. For instances, many JARRET are actually FANEF (Phaneuf) because those names look alike when written. It is thus necessary to check near other sources. But, it is not based on repertoires. Thus, if you see the same thing in both Histor and Blue Drouin, it is likely correct. 

The series by men is badly printed and some sections are missing. Pages are not numbered in all editions. Jean-Pierre Pepin worked to document the missing pages in 1998, and to identify the various releases. 

The dictionnary is not complete. Some marriages before 1765 are only in the Red Drouin. Very few protestant marriages. 

But, generally, data is from original records and mistakes are typos.

Availability See below.

Availability of the dictionary (except personal copies):

Sorted by men: M1 to M6, M if release known, MM if microfiches
Sorted by women/female: F1 to F6, F if release known, FM if microfiches

Town libraries if not otherwise stated
In Quebec
  • Boucherville M1,F4
  • Châteauguay M
  • Chicoutimi (municipale M,F, IREP M,F)
  • Dollard des Ormeaux-Pierrefonds (bibl. intermunicipale M,F
  • Drummondville M,F
  • Gatineau M3,F4
  • Hull (municipale M3,F4
  • Île Bizard M,F
  • Joliette (SGL M1,F4
  • Lachute F
  • Laval (multiculturelle M4,F4
  • Longueuil (succ. Grignon M1,F4
  • Montreal (ANQ M3,F4, BNQ M4,F4, Salle Gagnon M2,F4 (also 3rd part), SGCF M3,F4
  • Montréal-Nord M,F
  • Quebec (SGQ M,F, Univ. Laval-pav. Bonenfant M
  • Rimouski M3
  • St-Eustache M
  • St-Hubert M2,F4
  • St-Hyacinthe M,F
  • St-Jean-sur-Richelieu M3,FM
  • St-Jerome (SGL M3)
  • St-Leonard M
  • Sherbrooke M,F
  • Valleyfield M1,F
    In Canada except Quebec
  • Cornwall, Ontario (SFOHG M,F)
  • Hawkesbury, Ontario (SGOHG M1)
  • Ottawa, Ontario (Bibl. Nationale, 2nd floor M2,F4; public library on Metcalfe/Laurier (not confirmed)
  • St-Boniface, Manitoba (Collège de St-Boniface M,F, SHSB M5)
  • Smoky River, Donnelly, Alberta (Soc. Gen. de Smoky River M,F)
  • In USA
  • Tolland, Connecticut (FCGSC M2,F)
  • Biddeford, Maine (MGS M,F)
  • Manchester, New Hampshire (ACGS M2,F4
  • Woonsocket, Rhode Island (AFGS M2,F)



    Note: someone told me about a copy at the Minnesota Hist. Soc. M,F, but according to this society there was a confusion with PRDH.


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