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Acronym DGFQ
Title Dictionnaire genealogique des familles du Quebec
Auteur Rene Jette, 1944-
Original Publisher Presses de l'Universite de Montreal (C.P. 6128, succ. "A", Montreal, (Quebec) Canada, H3C 3J7)
Current Publisher Gaetan Morin Editeur, 175 boulevard de Mortagne, Boucherville, Quebec (450) 449-2369. Note: not distributed thru librairies. Retail price: CAN$ 200 plus taxes and posting/handling (contact the publisher for the exact price)
Language French
Content Families from 1608 to 1730 were rebuilt (except the children names only after 1730). Some French lines are shown for some popular names, in particular families from Perche and La Rochelle, and lines from Catherine Baillon and Marie Martin. But many more European lines are known and only the reference is given.
Releases 1983, original release (reprinted in 1996) 
1985, release with 32 pages modified (small changes, about 5 of them were identified), reprinted in 1991. The release is shown as the last page. A reprint was made in 1996 from the 1983 release.
ISBN 2-7606-0645-5
Corrections See GDO, volume 1
Review The best work that could be done with tools of that time (1973 to 1983). The most recommanded reference work. 

The editor has received a typed manuscrit, which explain some typos (it was completely typed again for editing purposes). There are some worng parents, nearly all corrected in the GDO. The more common mistake is the wrong place of origin (wrong province, wrong canton, etc.).

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Read the introduction of the dictionary for basic information and acronyms of sources. One more example:

JARRET, sieur de Beauregard, Andre (+ Jean & Perrette SERMETTE) de Royas, ar. et archev. Vienne, Dauphine (Isere)
* m 12-01-1676 Montreal (ct 12 Basset)
ANTHIAUME, Marguerite

1. Marguerite n 14 Vercheres b 26-10-1677 Boucherville d apres rec. 81


This article covers the family of Andre Jarret and Marguerite Anthiaume. Andre is the son of Jean (who died before Andre was married) and Perrette SERMETTE. Andre is from Royas, arrondissement (2nd level divisions in France) of Vienne, archeveche (archdiocese) of Vienne, province of Dauphine (obsolese divisions in France), French departement (1st level divisions in France) of Isere. The canton (ca.) (3rd level divisions in France) and commune (com.) or town (4tht level divisions in France) can also be shown. The town is usually identified from a dictionnary of French towns (that is, hamlets were not checked nor changes of place names). In the original records, the town and diocese are usually shown, nearly never the province and the departements were invented in 1792 only. In many cases, a more accurate place of origin is known from further searches in France.

This couple was married in Montreal the January 12th, 1676. There is a marriage contract by notary Basset, also dated 12 of the same month and year. In some cases, the marriage contract is lost and the date is from an inventory after death or another source. Contracts before 1700 are thosein PRDH. For period after 1700, they were checked only if the name of parents was not known.

Main vital events are:
n birth
b baptism
m marriage
rem second marriage (of one spouse)
vf, vve widower or widow (previous marriage of a spouse)
ct marriage contract
ct annule marriage contract cancelled
d death
s burial
rec. census

More acronyms or French terms (see months below):
vers about
avant before
après after
Example of birth data, simple case:

n 13-06 b 14-07-1705 means born 13 june 1705 baptised 14 july 1705

Example of birth data, complex case:

Catherine-Marguerite n 04-05 Riviere-Ouelle b La Pocatiere 02-07-1681 L'Islet means:

born 04-05-1681 Riviere-Ouelle (place of residence)
baptised 02-07-1681 La Pocatiere (place of ceremony)
baptism recorded at L'Islet (place of recording)

Months in French
Janvier January   Juillet July
Février February   Août August
Mars March   Septembre (7-bre) September
Avril April   Octobre (8-bre) October
Mai May   Novembre (9-bre) November
Juin June   Decembre (10-bre) December
For a marriage, you will find the location of the record (a specific parish) and the place of ceremony if different. After the marriage of a child, the year is that of marriage. If the marriage was not found, prefixes like "about" are only found near the marriage of the child as a family head (not under his/her parents entry).

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