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DNCF, Small or Red Drouin


Dictionnaire national des Canadiens francais


Gabriel Drouin

Original Publisher

Institut Drouin (is closed). AFGS has now the rights.




  • Volumes 1 and 2: Marriages of Quebec, and ancestors of Acadians who moved to Quebec
  • Volume 3: Historical Part. Usually, not reliable (articles written to give prestige to our ancestors) 


1959 (1956?)


Three appendices (1978, 1979 and 1985). Important: those appendies are at the end of volume 2. There are also indexes by women from other source.


Despite 3 sets of corrections, still contains many mistakes. In particular, mistakes from Tanguay were kept. Sometimes, a record more complete was found, but not read.


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Alexis (1)

Ledoux (2)

Rose (2)

Vercheres (5)


Joseph et Charlotte Pinaud (4)


Pierre et Madeleine Charon (4) 

(page 801) (7)

26 fevrier 1759 (6)

" Beauregard (1,3)

Andre (1)

Anthiaume (2)

Marguerite (2)

Montreal (5)

Voir tome III. 
historiques Jarret de De Vercheres (9)

Jean et Perette Vermette (4) 
de Royas, diocese de Vienne, Dauphine (8) 
Noble (9) 
Ancetre direct de Denis Beauregard (10)


Michel et Marie Dubois (4) 
de St-Nicolas-des-Champs, de Paris, Ile-de-France (8)

12 janvier 1676 (6)

1- Husband.
2- Wife.
3- Dit name. Here, Jarret dit Beauregard
4- Name of parents.
5- Place of marriage. "cont" means "according to marriage contract", and the name of notary is shown.
6- Date of marriage.
7- Page of the dictionary with the marriage of the parents of the wife, or even those of the husband if the family name is different.
8- Place of origine (from record in Quebec, can be something else than the actual place of birth).
9- Supplementary data. Often, not reliable and wild guess. Here, Andre was not noble and in volume III, there are the heraldics of a Vercheres family not related at all with the Jarret family.
10- A well known descendant. This is not your ancestor (there are some exceptions), but someone with the same ancestor than you.

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