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Acronym Histor
Title Histor File
Auteur Rene Jette et al
Content Photocopies of marriage cardex (4 cards/page) and covering period 1731-1825. It forms 4 series and include 135 000 fiches or 33 500 pages. 
  • Series A (26 volumes): what is not included in the other series
  • Series B (15 volumes): catholic, South of St-Lawrence River; non-catholic, except Montreal and Quebec (actually, some protestant marriage of Montreal in that series)
  • Series C (2 volumes): catholic from Western Frech Forts; non-catholic from Montreal and Quebec 
  • Series D (1 volume): catholic from Gaspesia and New-Brunswick, baptisms and burials of those area before 1800 (year only)
Note: the only printed source with all protestant marriages before 1825.  These protestants are not included in the CD-ROM RAB-PRDH.
  • Frist Release.  Size 8,5" x 11"
  • Second Release by the Drouin Genealogical Institute.  Size 8,5" x 14".  Publish as they are processed.  In the first version, some notes were added in margins.  In the new release, those notes are on new fiches which eases their reading.
Corrections None
Review Cards are handwritten, many are cursive and hard to read.

Cards are often based on marriage repertoire and a small set seem to be corrected. Some mistakes. I have even seen some marriages with the good parents in the Bleu Drouin and wrong ones in the Histor File (checked from original records).

Availability Rare. At least: Montreal (Salle Gagnon, SGCF) and Boucherville and Longueuil libraries (Grignon library). See Drouin Institue if you want to purchase this series.
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Select a series, then a card. The cards are sorted by family name, then spouses. In some cases, you have to check for other spellings.

A card has usually the name of the couple and their parents, the date and place of marriage, and if available, the date and notary for the marriage contract ("ct" and not repeating what is given for the religious record). For protestants, witnesses are given.

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