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A typical Quebec genealogy is built very fast when ancestors are catholic from French roots. Actually, for over a century, genealogists are gathering data in many reference books and some of them can be found in thousands of libraries, which makes them easy to use. There are also some regional resources, sometimes with over a million of marriage records, in one list, on microfilms or cardex, and even on a CD-ROM.
This page is a list of sources for data. Click on the link to get the details about a given source.

Kinds of documents include:
m marriage records only
bms all kind of vital records
d deaths
rec census
fam families
not notary records

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Table of sources available (sorted by year, * = limits are approximate)
Covers which years 
Type of document
Document (click for details)
When published
1621-1730 fam DGFQ (Jette) 1983
1621-1765 bms PRDH 1980
1621-1765* m DNCF (Red or small Drouin) 1959?
1621-1765* fam DGFC (Tanguay) 1870-1891
1621-1775 not Parchemin 1990?
1621-1799 bms RAB-PRDH (CD-ROM) 1998
1621-1799* fam (origin) GDO 1998
1621-1800* m Complement Leboeuf 1977
1621-1876 bms Microfilms from Mormons or LDS 1976
1621-1935* m Blue Drouin or Big Drouin 1990?
1621-1935* m Loiselle File 1970?
1621-1940 bms Drouin Microfilms  --
1621-1980* m Pontbriand File  
1621-1960* m Fabien File  
1621-1960* m Rivest File  
1621-1998? bms BMS2000 1998
1621-today m Parentele File (SGCF) --
1621-today m Marriage lists --
1731-1825 m Histor (New Jette) 1996?
1765-1900 bms Microfilms from ANQ --
1851-1901 rec Modern Censuses --
1900-today bms Modern Vital Records  
1926-1994 m Marriage Consolidated Index --
1926-1994 d Death Consolidated --
1926-1996 md Marriage and Death Consolidated Index on CD-ROM 2000
1935-1975 -- Electors' lists --

Some collections

Nos Ancetres (30 volumes, more books to come), by Gerard Lebel and Jacques Saintonge
Our French-canadian Ancestors (translation of "Nos Ancetres"), by T.J. Laforest
Medaillons d'ancetres ("Medals with ancestors", series interrupted), by Julien Deziel et al.
Recensement annote de la Nouvelle-France (Annotated Census of New France), by A. Lafontaine
Biographical Dictionnary of Canada. Many biographical notices, usually for notorious persons
Annotated Bibliography of Genealogical Works of Canada, by Kathleen Mennie de Varennes ****

Some historical references

BRH (Bulletin des recherches historiques)
Journal of Jesuites and Relations of Jesuites, among the oldest documents
Journal de Champlain (Champlain's Notebook)
MSGCF (Memoires de la Societe genealogique canadienne-francaise), the first genealogical society in Quebec
RAPQ (Rapport des archives de la province de Quebec)

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