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Acronym RAB-PRDH
Title Repertoires des actes de baptemes, mariages, sepultures du Quebec ancien (CD-ROM)
Editeur Gaetan Morin Editeur, 175 boulevard de Mortagne, Boucherville, Quebec (450) 449-2369. Note: not distributed thru librairies. Retail price: each of 2 CD-ROM (1621-1765 and 1766-1799) CAN$ 1250 plus taxes and posting/handling (contact the publisher for the exact price, this is a pre-sale price)
Language French or English (2 versions)
Content All Catholic Quebec Vital Records 1621-1799 in a CD-ROM. 
  • CD-ROM 1: 1621-1765 (314 919 acts, including over 293,000 BMS acts from 124 parishes plus 10,201 actes from ANQ (*), 769 acts from DGFC and 2833 marriage contracts, plus census).  For each record, there is a list of all persons and their relations). 
  • CD-ROM 2: 1766-1799 (397 871 acts covering 145 parishes, including 10,201 acts from ANQ (*), 46 acts from DGFC and 779 marriage contracts , plus census).  Witnesses are given only if parenthood is known. This 2nd series was processed by Societe historique de St-Hyacinthe and PRDH and is limited to catholic records.  It needed the work of 22 persons during 8 months (source: L'Ancetre, SGQ, vol. 10, no 10, juin 1984, p. 321-327). 
(*) ANQ = Court House copy, other records are from the Church copy
Releases Dec. 1998 (1st edition)
Corrections An annual upgrade is planned.
Review Expensive (CAN$ 2500 in pre-sale, $ 3700 later, $ 250 for yearly upgrades). Limited to Windows 95 and more. Includes piracy protection (thus, no group purchase to use at home and no pirated copies). Provide no mean to set up you own database (but you can select individual records and copy them to a buffer).  In short, for an individual, it is better to wait for the Web version that will offer the same data. 

Doesn't include protestant acts.  Individuals are not numbered and you have thus to use the names of parents to build a family (and remember there are about 1/10,000 homonymous couples). 

There is at least one error source in the method used for period 1766-1799: if a name is hard to read, in some cases, it was copied from the marriage repertoire.  In case of conflict, it is thus necessary to go back to the original record (or to check the marriage contract that can be located thanks to Histor).  There is no flag "name hard to read". 

The release of December 1998 (1.0) was a beta version. New versions were delivered and the bugs were corrected.  So, if the version you use has a problem like origin missing in some records (see record no. 396085 on the CD-ROM 1621-1765), check the version and ask for the upgrade.

Availability Rare. At least: SGCF and Salle Gagnon (Montreal), Soc. gen. de St-Hubert, SHHR (St-Jean). 50 copies sold in 1998. Web Site (for a fee):

Select a search key among 8 screens: individual, couple by men, couple by women, profession, origin, date, parish and record number.  You can filter by parish, period, and role.  You then press "Enter" or the button "Search" to get a list of records; the first of them is displayed.  You select a record. If you put the curson on the family name, you see the standardized name.

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