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Schedules: most schedules are from memory and can be wrong. Please advise if errors. Days of week: lun=Monday, mar=Tuesday, mer=Wednesday, jeu=Thursday, ven=Friday, sam=Saturday, dim=Sunday, hours in the 24 hours system (i.e. 17h00 is 5h PM). Hiver=Winter (usually September to June), Été=Summer (usually end of June to beginning of September).

Language for correspondance: in most cases, you can use English to write to societies if you can't write in French. In some cases, this may delay the answer (i.e. the time to find someone to translate), but this is very casual (i.e. many societies are large enough to find a bilingual member). Hints: use typewriter or print letters; avoid cursive letters; avoid complex sentences; be friendly.

Archives nationales du Québec

List of ANQ's regional centers. ANQ are National Archives of Québec and are not related of National Archives of Canada You can also order or rent a copy of Catholic microfilms before 1877 at your local FHC (LDS). Other microfilms (in particular, Catholics 1877-1899) can be purchased from FFSQ (Federation of Quebec Family Associations)

Research by mail. The ANQ does research in its archives for those correspondents who live far away. Send your precise request taking into consideration the resources available. You will be billed for photocopies plus $2.00 for mailing. There is a maximum of one half-hour of research alloted per request, and be prepared for a long delay before an answer can be forthcoming.

The ANQ's principal sources for this research are some repertories and the microfilms of the original acts found in the parish registers of Quebec. The acts are sorted by county, city, parish and year....where many have no indexes and others have only cursory annual indexes. Remember that it is nearly impossible to answer a question like : "I would like some info on my ancestor "X", who was born in 1871 in Quebec".

AT THE VERY LEAST, to answer such a question requires the names of that ancestor's parents and the city or county where he/she was born. If you don't know his/her parents' names...then the minimum required would be the name of that person's spouse who married in Quebec. ( even with this info....searches may not be launched....if these are common names )

Recent Vital Records (Direction de l'État civil)

If you want to purchase a recent vital records act, (in 1996: 1900 or 1901 to today), you can write to one of the indicated addresses: This concerns baptism, marriages or burials. No search by users.

It is important to specify the town and parish where is recorded the event for the period ending in 1993.

Search tools available to the Direction de l'état civil:

Records available:



Montreal and suburbs:

Hull and area

Quebec City

Other towns(s)

St-Hyacinthe, town libraries

Genealogical books publishers

See also FQSG whose members publish repertoires.

Archiv-Histo produces the Parchemin CD-ROM (Notary acts before 1775) and does searches among old notary acts (before 1800); publishes other CD-ROM and repertoires for genealogy.

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