7. Making Contacts via the Internet or Genealogical Societies

If you have access to Internet, it is recommended that you index your family tree, especially the generation that migrated from France, on GeneaNet (www.geneanet.org).  This will help you to get in touch with French people who can be interested in the same town and the same family names as you, --therefore, likely to be able to do research on the spot.

Sometimes, a contact with a French researcher, one who knows the area of origin well, can be invaluable.  In addition to the Internet, such contacts can be made by becoming a member of a French genealogy association.  One can find lists of these on the Internet, in particular at the FranceGenweb site www.francegenweb.org/ or at Karolus www.karolus.org

Common interests, in particular a family name, are the preferred paths to collaboration. It is then practical to seek out other migrants who came from the same area.  The chances of your finding common interests or making a discovery will increase at the same time, even if it does not concern you directly.

You can also hire a professional genealogist.  There are lists of professionals in the genealogy reviews, like GE-Magazine and La Revue française de généalogie (RFG).  Some criteria for choosing the best genealogist:

Always ask for a copy of the original records he or she found (to avoid the frauds reported by some genealogists). The cost is about $30 an hour plus expenses and there is no guarantee that a professional will find more than an amateur will.
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