Appendix B: How to get a record copy

This question is frequently asked in the e-letters we receive about Fichier Origine.  There is no unique nor free solution.

 1  If there was a publication, try to get or check a copy, or at least the page about this migrant.  Internet pages are often not complete.  If a source ahs more data, it has usually less details for each raw data, so the closer you are of the searcher, more odds you have to see a copy of the record.
 2  Some publications has a copy of the record.  The best example is AGCF (Amitiés généalogiques canadiennes-françaises) which has a periodical full of such examples.  So, check the source. 
    How to get a copy of the source ?  Go to a library that receives the said periodical or holds the said book.  In Montreal, the main places are SGCF, Salle Gagnon (central library of Montreal) and BNQ, on l'Esplanade street.  Elsewhere, check the nearby genealogical society.  Don't expect someone else to do the job for you.
 3  Visit a Family History Center of Mormons (see under listing Latter Day Saints in your phone book).  Mormons have over 2 millions of microfilm reels.  Thus, it is possible that the record you are looking for was microfilmed.  However, the French series of microfilms is far from complete.  Also, French records are in 2 copies and often the record can be found in one version only (the other not existing for that year).  If the microfilm exists, but is not available locally, you will have to order it (delay is a few week and you have to pay the shipping).
 4  Write to departemental, communal or municipal archives, or to an association in the area of origin, or find a correspond in the neighborhood or contact a professional genealogist.  If you don't speak French, please avoid those self-translating softwares: they will likely make your letter impossible to read; instead, try to find someone near you that can translate for you, or take a chance in writing in English (it will work, but only from times to times).  

In many cases, remember it is the same reel you can see at the LDS library.

 5  Archives of Fichier Origine are kept at library of SGCF in Montreal.  Anybody can check them, but since many files are unique, an appointment is necessary and you must say which ancestor interest you.  At this time, there are very few copies of records in those files.
 6  Don't overreact by crying it is a fraud or that you are oppressed.  What is asked to searchers is to find records.  It is obvious that it is always better to have a copy of those records, but it is not compulsory at this time.  Thus, it is not to the searcher who found the record to send it to you on request (except if openly telling it).  It is true that fees for some societies are expensive, like professional fees and some archives won't do copies.  But it is cheapest than going there.

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