Summary of Search Method

Here is the normal procedure to find a record in France:
  1. Locate the marriage record of the first ancestor known in America. This record usually gives the name of parents and their residence.
  2. Then make a search in the records of the locality of origin where the birth record is expected.
Obviously, this does not always work for various reasons, and it is sometimes necessary to use roundabout means to obtain a result.

Let us look at some examples before presenting a more detailed methodology:

The marriage record in America is untraceable or incomplete. Then it is necessary to search the marriage contract that should give the required information, or all the birth, marriage, burial, notary or justice records concerning the ancestor, until you find a record having the required information.

The record in France is untraceable. Sometimes, the register was destroyed or the priest did not yet keep registers. The parish is not always identified correctly.  In some cases, the parents moved between the child's baptism and the child's marriage or the migrant is using the first name of his/her godparent.  In other cases, the migrant was a Protestant and only the catholic registers were consulted.  Sometimes, no search was made. Other causes are possible.

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