DNA Signatures - Methodology

The French Heritage project (Héritage français) at FTDNA, begun in 2003 and comprises in June 2018, more than 8100 members. Raw statistics show that there are :

The signatures are usually obtained with the following method:

The documented signatures with 2 or more lines to an MRCA (Most Recent Common Ancestor) will be added to the catalogue if the MRCA is far enough. In June 2018, only 1 signature (MRCA) waas 5 generations from the pioneer) while 7 were 4 generations back.. Ideally, the common ancestor married before 1800.

The candidates will be listed only in the database Genealogy of French in North America which is updated about 2 or 3 times each year, including the Internet version, with the list of signatures.

Projects Québec ADNy and ADNmt at FTDNA begun in 2014 with the participation of the Fédération des associations de famille du Québec (Federation of Family Associations of Quebec). Such an association can easily find 2 candidates for tests from 2 differents sons of the pioneer to get yDNA tests and then triangulate that pioneer. Also, these projects require that the new members provide their genealogical line (that can eventually be completed later) and to perform at least some tests. In that case, it is easier to find quickly more signatures when a result is availale, and to add a second test to validate a triangulation. These projects participate to the catalogue.

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