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Important Information if you want to write me...

Why this page?

Setting up this Web site required from me thousands of hours of work. I think it is quite reasonable that I expect you take at least some minutes to check if that site already has the answer to your question or if there is a screen so that you can enter yourself your new pointer, or if there is a more appropriate mean to have an answer than to ask me your question. And with the time this will save me, I will probably be able to maintain this site faster and to add more information! 

We can write
me about (free 
  • Correction to site or DGO
  • Beauregard, Davignon, Jarret, Vincent (exchanges)

You can write me about (free services):

If you want to write me, please note I already receive a lot of email and that my time is limited. Your email is welcome for the following cases: 
  • To correct one of my genealogy Web pages (specify which one: there are over 200 pages) 
  • To correct an entry if you can't receive a file linked in one of my pages 
  • Addition or change to the DGO
  • To exchange data about those families: Beauregard, Jarret, Vincent and Davignon (EXCHANGE means two way).  But it is best to use the Beauregard Mailing List.

Don't write me
for these reasons:
  • free hints
  • free search
  • to ask for a software to use
  • to complaint (except for typos)

Please don't write me for these reasons:

  • To ask me how to do genealogy. Instead, read the relevant pages like this one
  • To ask me to find a marriage, the origin of your name or another information. Instead, ask the question to the relevant newsgroup like soc.genealogy.french or soc.genealogy.surnames. Also, don't suggest to someone to write to my email or standard mail address for a similar reason.  Except if you want to pay me...
  • To ask me how to become a member of my " organization ". I built most of those pages alone and with no external financial sponsor. Many persons gave me a hand for some pages, but as individuals and not as members of an organized society. Those who are quoted in the expert page or elsewhere are volunteers who accepted to give a hand. But, I repeat, the only " society " related to those pages is formed by the readers and posters of newsgroups like fr.rec.genealogie or soc.genealogy.french. We can say we form together a virtual genealogical society
  • Complaint that you did not find your name in my pages. Please be decent enough to check for the content of that specific page...
  • Ask for more about families presented in my pages. I find quite arrogant someone asking me to do a very long work when that person never help anybody.
I would like to take back the control of my personal time.

Want to hire a searcher ?

Looking for a professional searcher ?

Look at my offer of services.

  • You can print for personal and not commercial use, or for a genealogical society, except if a printed version is already sold (DGO for example)
  • You can't sell the content of that site
  • Links to this site allowed


The Copyright Law says something like that: facts can't be protected (like a genealogical tree built easily or each entry in a list), but a collection or a set is protected, as well as the formatting. It is also possible to reproduce as a sample a small part of a work (like a screen taken from my series of pages). 

The following permissions are granted: you can reproduce the content of the pages located in """ for your personal use or for a genealogical society for use by its members. In this case, I would like to be advised. You can't reproduce the content of these pages for commercial use (like using them as an item in a CD-ROM or in another site containing advertising), except with a specific permission by the author. 

There is no limitation in linking my pages to yours (except if in a negative context or if I am depicted as a member of an organism when I am not a member of it). However, it is preferrable to choose only the home pages of each subdirectory: 

In English: site and pages index.php or, if not yet available, site and pages welcome.php. 
In French: site and pages index.php 

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