Quebec - Marriages - Consolidated Index of Marriages

Title Consolidated Index of Marriages of Quebec
Type Microfilm
Original Publisher Ministere de la Justice du Quebec
Language French
  • A series of microfilms with an index of nearly marriages, with men and women (sorted together). A column also gives the form number. Microfilms series cover: 1926-1974 (one series), 1975-1985 (one serie), 1986 to 1994 by year. 
  • A series of microfilms with marriages forms. This is a form filled for statistical purposes at the time of the marriage, It seems forms from 1926 to 1945 were made from marriage records while since 1946, forms are filled by the priest with the marriage record
Corrections New CD-ROM version (for Quebec societies or libraries only)
Review The index is not complete. There are some mistakes.

Forms have the names of parents only for 1926 and 1974 to 1993. 

Availability Rare. At least: Montreal (Salle Gagnon (index and forms) and ANQ (index)).

Version française
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