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Dictionnaire genealogique de nos origines


Denis Beauregard, 1956-

Original Publisher

Productions FrancoGene


French (volume 1, 2, suppl. 1); Presentation in English (volume 1)


  • Volume 1 (1608-1730): corrections to Jette and new European and American data, list ancestral tables and people who returned to France. Supplement no. 1 has new material. 
  • Volume 2 (1731-1799): European or American data, like ancestral tables and return to France. Some corrections to Tanguay, lost marriages rebuilt and homonymous marriages. 


Published in 1998 (Volume 1 and 2, suppl. 1)


In supplement no. 1.


Readers like it :-)


How to read it (volume 1):

Presentation is like that of DGFQ.

p. 228, 1re colonne
CHARET, Etienne, de Ste-Radegonde v. Poitiers [b 15-04-1635 St-Jean-Baptiste v. Poitiers (Vienne: 86194)]
* m 1670
BISSOT, Catherine
Source: AGCF, no 1, 1995, p. 36, par Jean-Marie Germe

p. 228, 1re colonne: page and column in DGFQ
* m 1670: year of marriage if no change, otherwise date and place of marriage
Stroke out: deleted data, suually because it is wrong, less likely or less accurate than alternatives
[in brackets]: new or corrected data

For each French town, departement is shown (Vienne in the example) folloowed by the INSEE code (86194). INSEE code is used by the French Institute for statistics (INSEE) to identify each French town. This is not the postal code (some towns have many postal codes and some postal codes covers many towns sometimes in another departement).

Note: more data, comment from the author
Source: source of information

If the same article is found in a supplement, data is added (except if show as wrong or more accurate).

How to read it (volume 2):

A reference is given in relation with Tanguay (DGFC) or Red Drouin (DNCF). Usually, validated data about foreign lines is limited to records found in in Europe, USA or elsewhere and doesn't mean data from Tanguay or Drouin is correct (except if it is clearly said to be a correction to those books).

Material not used:

New material will be published as supplements. Because there is so many new material found in France recently (in 1998, an average of 1 baptism daily), this data is made available from fichier Origine ( and in more supplements for later. Volumes 1 and 2 will be deeply revised after the tsunamo!

Because of the validation process, the material received is published with a delay. Thus, if it is not already in a supplement, this is not because it is rejected, but because a lot of material is available recently. Moreover, in some cases, a further search is necessary, in particular to estimate its accuracy or when new European generations were found in the European nobility.

Priority is for foreign material or nearly ready to publish. At this time, the received material is sorted that way:

It is possible that volumes 3, 4 and 5 are published as supplements before becoming books.

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